Audio: Luna - The (complete) Coffee House Session

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Coffee by Guwashi999

A mere five years ago I posted the first track from this session and added "I’ll post the others over the next couple of weeks" - well as promised here's the rest of the Citibank Visa Coffee House Session recorded around the time of Bewitched. This is a fairly lo-res mp3 of the session... I'm sure I have this on CD somewhere but all I've managed to track down was this mp3 so I'm afraid you'll have to make do with that.

The show was hosted by Pat DiNizio of The Smithereens and there are a couple of short interviews and nice live/acoustic versions of Tiger Lily, Smile and Into The Fold

128 kb/s mp3 files all hosted on
02-Tiger Lily
03-[interview #1]
05-[interview #2]
06-Into The Fold

The whole session, zipped up, can be nabbed from here