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I'm a boat, floatin's what I do... *explored*
I'm a boat, floatin's what I do... by Sarah Brooks

Tugboat was Galaxie 500's first single, recorded in February 1988 at Noise New York by Kramer and released as a 7” single on Aurora Records. When some other artist decides to cover a Galaxie 500 song Tugboat is the one they invariably reach for. Here’s a selection of those cover versions. If anyone has (or knows of) any I haven’t included please get in touch.

So many... time to do an index:

The index

The original and best

Galaxie 500 - Tugboat (official video)

The fleet

Best Denim

Blue Haired Girl

BMX Bandits featuring Angel Corpus Christi

Fab scottish indie stars BMX Bandits recorded the track for a Galaxie 500 tribute album that was released on Spanish label Elefant Records. The recording also features the lovely Angel Corpus Christi on the chorus.

British Sea Power

British Sea Power released a version on a Rough Trade compilation

Tugboat - British Sea Power (live in Newcastle, 2008)


Dean & Britta

Dean & Britta released a live version on a compilation CD with issue 5 of Yeti magazine.

Tugboat - Dean & Britta (live on KEXP, 2010


Another lovely (and beautifully cheery) cover, this time by Leeds band Finnmark! It's "pay what you want" over on Bandcamp - and all proceeds to charity... so go grab it!

Audio: Tugboat - Finnmark!

Source: Bandcamp

The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy

The Jazz Butcher released a version, titled Tugboat Captain on their 1992 The Western Family live album

Joanna Gruesome

Joanna Gruesome covered it on the flip of their Sugarcrush single.

Tugboat - Joanna Gruesome (live at The Lexington, 2013

Mercury Rev

Mercury Rev played the song for a radio show in Dublin.


Meursault recorded the track for their crowd-funded, crowd-chosen album made to help fund the band's US tour


Portastatic also recorded their version for Elefant's Galaxie 500 tribute album, Snowstorm

The Standby Connection

Spanish band The Standby Connection are an off-shoot of Polar


UK 90s indie band Submarine released Tugboat on the flip of their Jodie Foster 7" single

The Submarine

... and not to be confused with LA indie band The Submarines who recorded their version for an iTunes only EP


Thrushes recorded Tugboat for the 2016 Blue Thunder, A Tribute to Galaxie 500

The Transmissionary Six

The Transmissionary Six recorded Tugboat for a KEXP session

Tugboat Captain

Tugboat Captain named themselves after the song and recorded it on their debut EP

Venice is Sinking

Venice is Sinking recorded Tugboat for their Georgia Theatre Sessions LP

Venice is Sinking - Tugboat

X-Lion Tamer

On Fire | 30

A 30th anniversary celebration of Galaxie 500's masterpiece

On Fire 30 CD sleeve (design: John Conley)
Buy On Fire | 30