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I've just set up a "Twine" for "A Head Full of Wishes" (that link will only work if you're signed up so if you're not best keep reading) so if there are any Twine users out there then please come and join.

Twine is a new community based site that enables you to share and organise information found around the web. I've been tinkering for a while but it seems to be a sort of delicious/stumbleupon thing but, so far at least, much nicer than either of those and it may work better as a sharing community than either of those do (or have done for me). You find something interesting on the web - hit a button, tag it, describe it (if you want) and it gets added to your personal "Twine" (and any other Twines you feel would be interested in the item).

It's currently in beta and is invite only but I do have a few invites to dish out so if you fancy giving it a try please email me off-list.

Where else you can find A Head Full of Wishes...

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