MP3: Luna play Speedbumps on The World Cafe

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Rendezvous has plenty of great songs - IMO it's not Luna's best album but was a very fine swansong and in Speedbumps has a song that'll very probably turn up in my top 6 Luna tracks list when I can be bothered to do one. From the first moment I heard it I was taken by it, it cried out single...maybe this could have been the radio hit that Luna failed to get, and the lack of which ultimately sealed their major label fate (go read Black Postcards for more on that).

As it turned out Speedbumps was Luna's last single - but 7" singles on tiny German indie labels don't tend to become radio hits but it did become a staple of the band's farewell tour.

This version was recorded live for The World Cafe radio show in Philadelphia in December 2004 and broadcast the following February.

MP3: Luna - Speedbumps on WXPN World Cafe - 17 December 2004

The band (without Lee who was househunting in LA) played the song on live TV...on John McEnroe's chat show so I'd guess the 4000+ views this has had on YouTube is more than who watched it when it first went out.

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