MP3: Luna - Slide (Peel Session) - 1992

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Slide was the first track I heard Luna play live and, like so many tracks on Lunapark, it gives me a strange feeling of nostalgia in a way that none of the subsequent Luna albums do - I’m almost tempted to say that it sounds “dated” or “of it’s time” but that might give the impression that I don’t think it’s as good as what followed which is plainly wrong…it might even suggest that it somehow slotted into where indie guitar music was at the time which is also nonsense. I guess it must be because it was written and recorded before Luna found their feet. I think Bewitched is the album that clearly defined Luna and the direction they were headed.

This is from Luna’s only Peel Session, recorded at Maida Vale on the 1 March 1992 while the band were in London playing “Slide” to me for the first time. It was first broadcast on the John Peel show on the 24 April 1992.

In a careless bit of file-naming I uploaded "I Can't Wait" instead of "Slide". I've now uploaded the entire session for your delectation (including a higher bitrate version of "Crazy People")</ins>

  • [1992-03-01_Luna_Peel-Session_01_I-Can't-Wait](
  • [1992-03-01_Luna_Peel-Session_02_Crazy-People](
  • [1992-03-01_Luna_Peel-Session_03_Thats-What-You-Always-Say](
  • [1992-03-01_Luna_Peel-Session_04_Slide](
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