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Over the last couple of years A Head Full of Wishes has become messy and cluttered and difficult to navigate so the time has come for a streamlining and I'd appreciate any comments or opinions about what should be there and what shouldn't. If anyone finds anything on the site particularly useful or pointless please let me know by either leaving a comment on this post or by email.

The first phase will be to get a lot of the content into a content management system (I'm considering WordPress or Joomla at the moment - most likely WordPress because I know my way around it a lot better).

The following content WILL be moved into the CMS/blog

  • News (currently 349 items)
  • Articles/reviews/interviews (202 items)

The following content MIGHT be moved into the CMS/blog

  • Comments (129 items)

The second phase will involve the database content - this will probably be streamlined and massaged into something a bit more useful/usable and easier to update and maintain.

  • Artist data (6 artists)
  • Track data (332 tracks)
  • Album data (215 albums)
  • Shows/setlists (887 shows)


  • MP3 - I haven't decided how to manage the audio as yet - as my new webhost charges by bandwidth and storage I'll possibly remove the mp3s permanently - or conisder an alternative option (e.g. - any ideas on this would be appreciated.
  • Video - most (not all) video is now on YouTube - the couple of RealMedia files that I've not managed to convert will probably be removed permanently.
  • Pictures - For future picture contributions I'll try and encourage the use of third party sites (e.g. Flickr) and then use API to pull them into the site (I already do this in a rather ropey fashion). For all the existing pictures I'll possibly keep the existing home-made system or look at third party tools like Gallery or PHPgraphy.


  • Previous efforts at web-based community (Guestbooks and forums (fora?)) have fallen by the wayside unused and uncared for except by a few hardy souls. Is it worth reconsidering or should we just stick to the mailing list and the use of existing communities (, Flickr, Facebook etc.)
  • Are there any mailing list subscibers who'd be more interested in an online forum?
  • What about the half-way house of having a Google (or Yahoo) "group" which gives you mail or online depending on your inclination?
  • What about rating content? I tried this a few years back (in the old 1.0 days) - but no one rated it and nobody cared and those who did tended to give 4 or 5 star ratings to everything so it didn't really provide any useful insight - I guess that's a problem with a fan site...most visitors are fans!
  • Is community UNIMPORTANT? Should the site become (remain!) a REFERENCE rather than obsessing about INVOLVING the users

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