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September 27, 1990

This Is Our Music is stolen from Ornette Coleman - the title that is, not the jazz. Damon elaborates, "We dug it because it was simultaneously so simple and true a statement, and yet so arrogant. The irony being that Ornette's arrogance is based on his idea that his music is so advanced and avant-garde - what would he think of our two-chord songs?"

This Is Our Music is both quieter and louder than the previous albums Today and On Fire. There's no mistaking the Galaxie 500 sound, but the past year's experiences of touring and mass media praise has spawned a new confidence'. The nine songs here, with all their experiment and variation, are quite deliberate rather than naive or accidental. This Is Our Music takes the listener on a surreal journey of haunting and moody melodies. It is their music. The trip begins with "Fourth of July", the album's first, single. With its unexpected uptempo pace and singalong quality it is an almost guaranteed hit. Along the way Galaxie 500 pick up Yoko Ono's "Listen, the Snow Is Falling", featuring Naomi on vocals. On Fire brought Galaxie to the edge of fame...This Is Our Music will put them over the top.

Named after the Ford automobile Galaxie 500 chose their title because "it sounded like a late seventies one-hit disco troupe, especially with the 'ie' at the end!" Ironic then that their early critics dubbed them - for better or worse - "fragile", "still" and "shy and retiring."

Dean Wareham was born in New Zealand but moved to Australia with his family when he was 7 and to New York when he was 14. It was there that he met Naomi Yang and Damon Krukowski in high school. The three became Galaxie 500 when they graduated and moved to Boston.

In Boston Galaxie 500 were playing live regularly. The city's heavy metal revival did not deter them from pursuing the kind of graceful, dreamlike and often subdued guitar-rock that had been mapped out beforehand by the Velvet Underground, The Feelies, Jonathan Richman's Modern Lovers and Television. Their first single, the double A-sided, 7" only "Tugboat"/"King of Spain" came out in July 1988 on the Boston-based Aurora label. Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore listed it as his favorite record of the year. The album that followed, Today, was recorded in three days and released on Aurora in November 1988. Today captured the attention of Rough Trade and 1989 brought. Galaxie 500 a record deal with the label and their second LP, On Fire. Released to critical praise in both the United States and Europe it proved to be an altogether "slower, more lush, and more live" affair than Today. In describing their music Dean says, "I once read an interview with Lou Reed when he said that moving from one chord to another can be incredibly powerful, and that's what a lot of our songs are about."

Continuing their production relationship with Kramer Galaxie 500 now bring us This Is Our Music, their third LP. They will tour the United States in October and the UK and Europe in November.

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