Review: Blue Thunder - Melody Maker 1989

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BLUE THUNDER (Rough Trade)

PERFECTION: this has sepulchral bass, guitars which caress and crumble as through an opium-drenched haze, straining out-of-tune vocals which never quite attain, a wired saxophone which bursts in just when you don't need it, silence so full of wailing noise as to make you shiver with awe every time. "Blue Thunder" is the sound of a storm brewing, oppressively, in the eventide.

"Victory Garden", a Red Crayola song (recommendation enough in itself), returns more to the standard Galaxie fare—with a bass that hurts, so high does it climb. And on the flip, Joy Division's "Ceremony" betters even this, burdened down by a feeling of claustrophobia caused by thinking too much and too often. The guitar echoes into eternity, the bass, when it starts upon that timeless riff, makes you wish to God Ian Curtis had never been born, such is its maddening power.

Galaxie 500 eclipse every other group of their genre (Spacemen 3, Dinosaur Jr, Valentines, et al—those who would choose to suck us in and immerse us in the sheer emotional potency of the guitar) by several thousand eons. That's how I feel today, anyway.

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