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So into it's eleventh year the survey goes.When it was launched...

  • Penthouse was so new that it only came in a miserable third (it's been top in every survey since 1998)
  • You could only choose from two Damon & Naomi albums
  • Most of us had never heard of Britta Phillips
  • Luna existed

I've had to do a hasty tweak to get the survey working in the new look site so give me a shout if anything goes screwy! Next year I'll jazz it up - four years on and this code is looking a little tired...


You can vote for the new Dean & Britta album because it's in the database - but don't because you haven't heard it yet!

There are two "Best of Luna" albums to choose from - I'll probably axe compilations for next time around...

Have fun - and please let me know asap if anything goes wrong!

The 2006 A Head Full of Wishes Survey


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