Audio: Tribute to CBGBs

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Last weekend Patti Smith played the last ever show at the legendary New York venue CBGBs - so here's my little tribute...

First up here's Galaxie 500 performing Hearing Voices from a show at CBGBs in October 1990.
Galaxie 500 - Hearing Voices CBGBs (192kb/s mp3 - 5.0MB)

...and here's Luna performing Rock Your Baby from their 2000 New Years Eve show
Luna - Rock Your Baby CBGBs (128kb/s mp3 - 3.3MB)

Dean Wareham was quoted in a tribute piece about the venue in the New York Post...

The first band I saw at CBGB's was Richard Helland the Voidoids circa 1980, when I was 16. I was nervous - it was myfirst time in a rock club. I was a little frightened when I went downstairs to pee.</p>
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