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The break-up of Galaxie 500 was not a pleasant one and for many years after Damon & Naomi chose to keep a very clear distinction between their past and the present. In 1997 when I decided to try and put a mailing list/fan club single together I emailed Damon & Naomi asking if they'd be interested in contributing and I received a very nice letter from Naomi explaining that they would rather not get involved because they didn't feel they were ready to associate themselves with Dean Wareham.

So it was a little surprising that in 1999 I started hearing rumours that Damon & Naomi were playing a Galaxie 500 track in their set. I wanted to believe it but it seemed so unlikely.

In August of 1999 Damon & Naomi played the third Terrastock festival in London. The venue, ULU, was the place that Galaxie 500 had played their last London show and when they settled back onstage for their encore they eased their way into a very beautiful version of Blue Thunder - I was weak at the knees. I asked Naomi afterwards "why?" and she said that the time and the venue was right and that maybe the imminent turn of the century was time to wipe the Galaxie 500 slate clean (that's me paraphrasing because I really can't remember exactly what she said!!).

Over the years since then Blue Thunder has been ocasionally dropped into theur sets - I saw them play it again in London in 2005 and it had changed quite a bit - they had made it more noticeably Damon & Naomi.

A version was available on the limited edition DVD that was released in 2005.(recorded in Tokyo in June 2005).This version was also recorded in NHK 505 Studio, Tokyo around the same time.


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A collection of AHFoW related releases on Bandcamp
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