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Magnetophone were...

  • Damon Krukowski (guitar/vocals)
  • Naomi Yang (bass/vocals)
  • Jon Williams (guitar)
  • Chris Guttmacher (drums)

And this is what the out of date Galaxie 500 and related bands FAQ (snappy title huh?) has to say about Magnetophone.
(courtesy of Sean O'Brien)...

At the time, Chris was also a member of Cul-de-Sac, a band he left about a year and a half ago He was also the original drummer in Bullet Lavolta. Jon Williams is probably best remembered as the original guitarist in Volcano Suns, but is also a very prolific producer and engineer. If memory serves, Magnetophone played a grand total of about two shows (one of which I saw) here in Boston. No recordings were released, although some do exist (produced by Jon Willaims) I hope this helps a little.

Beyond that I know nothing but enjoy this version of Laika, a track that would later turn up on Damon & Naomi's first album More Sad Hits

Magnetophone - Laika (mp3)


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A collection of AHFoW related releases on Bandcamp
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