New Galaxie 500 torrent on Dimeadozen

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I've just started seeding a Galaxie 500 show on Dimeadozen (you need to be a member to download - membership is generally at it's limit although they do regular clear outs to make space for new users).

The torrent on Dimeadozen

Here are the details

Galaxie 500CBGB's - New York City, NY1990-10-19AUD -> nth generation cassette -> Audacity -> WAV -> FLAC01-Fourth of July02-Summertime03-Decomposing Trees04-When Will You Come Home05-Hearing Voices06-Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste (Jonathan Richman)07-Spook08-Listen, the Snow Is Falling (Yoko Ono)09-Melt Away10-Snowstorm11-Here She Comes NowPretty good recording although the audience and between songbanter (what little there is) is very quiet.

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