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LUNA w/ Apostles of Hustle $14.00
Tuesday, November 09, 2004
Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland OH
A few observations from the Beachland Ballroom show
* Once the opening band had cleared their equipment from the stage, Lee was setting up sticks of incense in various spots on the stage and around his drum kit.
* First time hearing Malibu Love Nest sung live with lyrics.
* A great Black Postcards extended jam. It's a shame that the album version ends when it does, the extended jam really makes a great song even better.
* After Broken Chair, an unusual crowd silence prompted Britta to comment "...just like Japan." This would be the only time she would say anything during the show.
* Overall, the sound was very good. However, the bass seemed a bit heavy when you would move towards the middle of the room towards the soundboard.
* Microphones set up in front of the soundboard indicating the possibility of a live record?
* Towards the end of the main set, Dean said "a moment of silence for our dead government";. Keeping in mind that Ohio was very influential in the Presidential election held a week earlier, it sparked a minor debate of sorts among the crowd.
* Friendly Advice, Tugboat and Indian Summer weren't on the setlist. The three additional songs extended the lone encore into three encores.
* Tugboat seemed to confuse the non-Luna loyal. Overheard a few people asking each other what song they were playing.
* Initially, the crowd was slow to warm up to the band, but towards the latter part of the night the crowd started to react with much enthusiasm.

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