Review: Best Shows By Bands Who Have Cds Out This Year (2002)

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Best Shows By Bands Who Have Cds Out This Year
Posted by Jen Rajkowski on December 18, 2002 06:51 PM
Or, who have toured in 2002 by supporting cds put out late last year. In no particular order except for number one. Face it, it's obvious what I think the top 5 albums are based on previous posts, this mixes it up a bit.
Luna- Bowery Ballroom, New York 11/29/02
Ok, I've seen Luna 7 times this year alone(and I will probably see them New Years Eve): NY, Baltimore, Cleveland, DC, Brooklyn, (twice in DC and NY)but this show was the best and most dynamic I've seen them yet. They played a bunch of songs that they have not played in a while, and the whole home court effect of the Bowery Ballroom made for one truly incredible show. Dean and the Gang are always at the top of my list, and never fail to put on a good show. Consider this the best of the best.
Doug Martsch- Black Cat, DC 10/9/02
This show was so intimate, everyone sat on the floor and listened to him play. While I was disappointed that he did not play more from his solo cd, hearing acoustic Built to Spill and a cover of Pale Blue Eyes more than made up for it. The sound was amazingly pretty. Doug was so humble and really interacted well with the crowd (who was less than respectful, a lot of loud talkers in the back)
Supersuckers- Fletchers, Baltimore 5/19/02
I don't know if it was the beer, the bbq beforehand, or the fact I was with good friends, but, I had a BLAST at this show. They did their country set and man, everyone was so into it, dancing and screaming. A fist fight even broke out! The music sounded great. Jessie Dayton, their opener even got some playback in my travels this summer. And, I saw this show after two nights of Luna (930 club on a Friday, Fletchers the evening before) I was tired, but they rawked the house and woke me up.
Death and Dismemberment Tour, 930 Club (Death Cab for Cutie and D-Plan) 3/02
This goes on the list of one of the best concerts I have ever attended, any year, hands down. D-Plan are a band to catch live. There is no decent way to describe a D-Plan show other than to say it almost makes you forget that you are in a city of suits and too cool for thou hipster hopefulls. People dance! Not that pathetic Indie-head wanna-bop. Death Cab became one of my favorite bands this year, for one reason or another, but mostly stemming from a gaping wound to my heart. I was so stoked to see them live that I was afraid I'd be disappointed. Not the case. Ben and the Boys delivered a solid set and hit on many of my favorites from Something About Airplanes and We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes
Trail of Dead, 930 Club 8/31/02
I had thought that the Interpol show would have kicked them off my short list, but that show was a horrible disappointment. I walked away from Trail of Dead thinking that these boys may save Rock as we know it. They know how to entertain. I don't think any member stopped moving for more than a second, and the sound was pure, rough rock. Great stage presence, great material and great attitude from these dudes.
Starsailor, 930 club 3/6/02
Starsailor surprises me. That man has one beautiful voice. They don't really fit the mold of a "Jen Raj" band, yet I am smitten nonetheless. I saw them open for the Charlatans UK earlier, and loved them, when they returned a few weeks later as an opener I jumped at the chance to seem them again, even though they played the same material. I even still like them after their relative exposure on MTV-2. James's voice is
really that pretty, even in concert he has a vox to make you weep. I actually cried during one of his songs it was so moving. Truly folk!
Q and Not U, Black Cat 5/9/02
The first time I saw Q & Not U I was not impressed. Another Fugazi spawn, I thought. There was not much going on one particular weekend and I was jonesing for a show so I decided to give them a second chance and boy, I-Æm glad I did. Their new CD, Different Damage, is awesome,and translates incredibly well live. This was a show that took me by surprise and changed my mind about a band I was lukewarm to.
Wilco, 930 Club 10/14/02
Not sure I need to say much more than this: They rocked.
My Morning Jacket/Doves, 930 Club 9/12/02
I admit it, I bought tickets to yet another Doves concert. This time my only purpose was to see MMJ. Saw the Doves earlier this year, and I actually prefer their cd to their live act. MMJ were phenomenal. One of the best bands you've never heard of, and their live act is solid. Lead singer plays a Flying V for crying out loud! Barefoot! Hailing from Kentucky you may expect them to lean more towards Alt-country, but
these boys can rock.
Frank Black- Black Cat 11/22/02
Another surprise considering how relatively tame Black Letter Days seems. Frank Black breathed life into these songs on stage, they came across so much better live than on the cd (which I admit has not seen much rotation). This show was so fast paced and driving, he
packed so many songs in that when it all stopped, I felt a runners high.

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