Review & video: Damon jokes and Naomi giggles

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Damon & Naomi came on and opened with "Judah and The Maccabees", about midway through the set they did "Song To The Siren" and the rest of the set was all new material. Damon made jokes, told funny stories and tuned his guitar - Naomi giggled and was occasionally borderline hysterical - a couple of numbers had to be held up so that she could compose herself. The new songs were for the most part very good indeed, particular favourites were one with "Robot" in the title and the cover of Bob Dylan's "Oh Sister" that they closed with.

It was quite nice to see them as a two piece again - Naomi has taken to using a keyboard rather than the harmonium which added a bit more to the sound (although I missed the more organic drone of the harmonium). Damon had guitar tuning problems which, during the evening, was variously blamed on...

  • a nearby electric fan
  • retribution for making a joke about a Jewish holiday
  • his own ears

Damon & Naomi - Oh Sister