Review: The perfect soundtrack to a nice summer night

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My girlfriend and I got into the city sometime around 9 p.m., there was little traffic at the tunnel, then we got lucky with parking and slid into a spot at Sullivan & Bleecker just as someone pulled out - a major bonus. Even better, we only had to walk 2 blocks to the club, but it was so nice out I would have walked 13 blocks. In the club: I was surprised to find that just about every seat/table and standing room at the bar was already occupied, so we were relegated to standing, but since we were straightaway center from the stage, I didn't mind.
I only caught the last several seconds of the first band and now I can't even remember what they sounded like, but from what I can remember, the singer was a cute blonde....kind of like an appetizer to the main show. Minutes later, Britta and Dean were setting up - Dean
sporting pink/white, Britta in what looked like a red, oriental print. It was a perfect length.
First song was Night Nurse...which sounded like it was plagued with technical sound problems (maybe Britta can confirm), but the tech issues seemed to show up again, here and there, throughout the show. I forget the exact order of the setlist, probably because I was distracted mostly from being in the second layer of 3-deep at the bar.
Britta's solos were great, though I wish they would have dimmed the lights and put a spotlight just on her. My faves from the night: Threw it Away, Knives From Bavaria, I Deserve It, Indian Summer - which is one of my fave Doors' songs and certainly one that I never thought I'd ever hear done live. My pick of the evening - Hear The Wind Blow. They also did Mermaid Eyes, Hearing Voices, and Bonnie and Clyde.
I noticed Lee showed his support...but I didn't seen Mr. Eden though he could have been there, hunkered down in some corner. Threw It Away seemed to be the climax of the show because pretty much nobody around me moved or talked for most of the show until they finished that tune, then for the remainder of the show, I could hear the slight hum of conversation as I dodged others tap dancing through the crowd.
It was a pleasant evening....the perfect soundtrack to a nice Summer night in the village.......though I can't figure out the connection between the oriental people and the Tex-Mex restaurant that they run at Sullivan & 3rd St....but regardless, the Quesadillas were damn good.