Review: Shimmy up your spine

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They played at the Great American Music Hall, which is one my favorite venues, so I was pretty happy. I showed up early, about 20 minutes before the opener, Blanket went on, and there were only a handful of folks there. Blanket weren't really all that mind blowing. I think it was a combination of there not being that many people there, and it not being a great choice for an opening act. They were your standard indie fare, guitar, bass, drums, and while they didn't do anything spectacular, I have to think it was due to the fact that everyone was off to the side, and people were there for a mellower night than blanket was interested in delivering.
Britta and Dean came out, and while they were setting up, a guy came up front with a sign reading "Will you please play Slash Your Tires". Dean said to him that the drummer didn't know that one.
The very funny part of the night occurred right as they were about to launch into Night Nurse. Out of nowhere this weird sample started playing over the PA. Everyone on stage had a great, "What the hell's going on here?" look on their face, and in a moment they fixed the problem, and played an otherwise flawless show.
Overall, it was great. Dean mentioned that he had just gotten out of bed, and I must say that as he gets older, he looks more and more like Bob Dylan (am I the only one who thinks this?), and the bedhead last night was in full effect. I have to add to this though, he was wearing white jeans. For a guy with such style, white jeans? Well, who am I to question a rock star, I suppose.
They played pretty much everything on L'avventura, as well as Mermaid Eyes, Bonnie and Clyde, and a beautiful rendition of Hearing Voices. Angel Corpus Christie also came on stage to sing on Threw it Away, which was pretty cool.
One of the biggest highlights though was getting to see Britta take center stage. I haven't seen them since they where here in 2001, and being reminded of how Britta bass lines shimmy up your spine was nice. It was a nice treat to hear her sing in english as well.
I will say there were two lowlights of the show.
1. i borrowed my girlfriend's digital camera hoping to take some nice shots. For the entire show, I was basically standing directly in front of Britta, and there were some great photo ops (including Dean at one point with a big ass grin!), but when I tried to take a picture, I realized I had forgotten to make sure the memory card was in it, so I didn't get any. If anyone on list got some photos they'd like to share, please email me!
2. The guy standing near me who was "Mr. Luna" (sorry if you're on the list brother). He had brought some friends, and as every song started, he would say loudly, "OH THIS SONG IS GREAT", or, " THIS IS THE PERFECT MADONNA SONG FOR THEM TO COVER". This would have been all right, except that he would then sing along loudly with every song, including during Britta's backing vocal "wooo-ooooo-ooooo" type things. It was a little obnoxious. I'm sure people here may disagree, but if I'm paying 15 bucks, I'd rather hear Britta and Dean's vocals and witty banter than some fellow who needs everyone to know that HE IS THE BIGGEST FAN, EVER!