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On our way from the train station over to the venue, we passed by this guy in a beanie knocking on a closed shop door. I thought I recognized him as Dean, and then shortly after Sean came by, so sure enough. Apparently Britta had left a bag in a store, and Dean was trying to get it back, but the lady who owned the store wouldn't open the door (I guess Dean looked like a menacing hood...). I vacillated between wanting to help and feeling that would be behaving too much like a starfucker (the lady understood English, so how was I going to help?), and ended up not going back.
After the concert I talked a bit with Sean (who always seems to be the one most eager to go out and meet the crowd), and he said Britta was always forgetting stuff with the boys having to go back. Probably an exaggeration but at least we got to perpetuate a few stereotypes.
I still get all eager like a puppy whenever I go to their shows, but I've gotten better at containing myself (to such a degree that all the setlists had been snatched by the time I got around to trying to lay my hands on one. So no full and detailed report this time around - not that it'll help me from babbling on for a while here).
That's not to say that it wasn't still an awesome experience, they are just so much in control of their stuff and really come across like nobody else I've seen (maybe just because I love their stuff so much, it's not that they have much of a stageshow). I was just able to take a more 'objective' stance and sort of listen to the music for what it was, which was fine - it was still great. They didn't seem too tired (I guess Dean always looks like someone who just got out of bed...), and this could easily be the best of their shows I've been to.
There were obviously a lot of songs from Romantica (however, unfortunately no Black Champagne), which has really grown on me. To me it could easily be their most cohesive album yet, although Penthouse will probably still always be my favorite, and the new songs work really well live (tailor-made for singing along).
They also played Egg Nog (yay!), which was fairly amusing, since it seemed like no one else knew what it was - going by the lack of cheers and the dumbfounded look on people's eyes, while they all looked at each other for the first few seconds thinking 'What the hell is this?'. I yelled out, but shut up again when I realized everyone else was quiet, and when I thanked Sean after the show for playing it, he said 'Oh, that was you'. I just wish they would put it on an album (printed in more than 500 copies) once so I wouldn't have to settle for the mp3.
Otherwise, however, people were really into the show, and 'Fourth of July' drew the strongest reaction of all, so I gather it wasn't that the people there were casual followers.
I've been hoping for Friendly Advice everytime I've gone to see them, but never lucked out until this time around - definitely worth the wait! Speaking of 'This Time Around', one of my very favorite of their songs, someone else requested that they play it, but Dean brushed him off with a 'We already played Slow Song - weren't you the one that requested that?' before asking the others in the band 'Why don't we play that one any more?', so maybe they will at shows to come.
At one point Dean asked whether there was anybody from Copenhagen there. I yelled out, but apart from my girlfriend and a friend of mine I only noticed one other Dane (and that was after the show lining up for a chat with Sean and a chance to buy 'Close Cover...' - was that you, Henrik?). Anyway, Dean went on to say 'We're not playing there on this tour', to which I could only say 'Yeah, we noticed'. Dean then remarked that it was out of their hands, apparently the show didn't come together until the last minute by which time all the Copenhagen venues were booked - or so I gather. Anyway, hopefully that will all change next time when they are superstars.
They played for about 75 minutes, the sound was great (not too loud), and I'd say there were about 100-150 people there - far from empty, but you didn't exactly have to fight for it if you wanted a spot up in front. As I said, I didn't get a setlist, but it seemed like they alternated between songs from Romantica and the other albums, at least to a degree. Here's what they played, to the best of my memory:
Lovedust, Weird and Woozy, Black Postcards, Mermaid Eyes, 1995, Rememories Dear Diary, The Slow Song Pup Tent, Fuzzy Wuzzy Chinatown, Moon Palace, Bonnie and Clyde Friendly Advice Egg Nog Fourth of July
I forget the order of the songs, but I think they began with
Weird and Woozy
Pup Tent
and ended with
Bonnie and Clyde
plus for the encore:
Fuzzy Wuzzy
Fourth of July
OK, I guess that does it for now. The rest is silence.


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A collection of AHFoW related releases on Bandcamp
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