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In this occasional series I thought it would be interesting to make available the original versions of songs that have been covered by Galaxie 500, Luna or Damon & Naomi.
Everybody's Talkin' was written by Fred Neil, a Greenwich Village folk-rocker from the mid-60s, and released in 1966 on an album originally called "Fred Neil". The album was later renamed "Everybody's Talkin'" on the back of the success of Harry Nillson's cover version in 1969. Nillsons version was used in the film Midnight Cowboy.
Fred Neil's success was pretty much over by the end of the 60s. He died of cancer in July 2001.
Luna released their version of Everybody's Talkin' as part of the Sub Pop Singles Club in 1998, a live version was performed on KCRW which was subsequently released on an Australian EP.


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