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Due to incredible luck on my part, I actually got to see LUNA play on their recent exclusive tour of Spain. I arrived in Palma on the day of the concert and had to wait for 7 gruelling hours at the airport (after having slept less than 3 hours the night before) before catching a cab to my hotel (due to a bus strike in Palma the very same weekend), so by the time they finally hit the stage at Sonotone at 20 past midnight, I was officially bushed beyond recognition.
The concert was good as always (my third). I found it sort of strange seeing them in a completely different place than the 2 previous concerts and a place I'd never been before, but then I was in a peculiar mood due to aforementioned bushiness and had reached a point where I found more or less everything strange. For the same reason, any sort of record of events on my part would more than likely belie the actual state of the evening.
However, I did feel a certain obligation as a list member to do my fair share of trainspotting and jot down a (more or less accurate) set list, so without further ado, voila:
Some new song (That's When It's Over?)
Dear Diary
Sideshow by the Seashore
Double Feature
Four Thousand Days
Pup Tent
Moon Palace
23 Minutes in Brussels
Bonnie and Clyde
and for the encore:
Fourth of July
Pup Tent is probably my least favourite LUNA album, but I have to say the songs off it work really well live, Pup Tent being probably my favourite performance of the evening, or perhaps IHOP or Chinatown (my recollection is a bit vague at this point). I remember thinking when they were playing one of the Pup Tent songs that Dean's guitar sounded the same way it feels when you scrape an open wound. Then again, that may be just another testament to my state of mind that evening. As always, I was blown away by just how much they rock out live compared to the albums, IHOP and Fourth of July being highlights in that respect.
Penthouse continues to feature heavily in the song selection, and I fully support that, but after 3 concerts I have still to hear them play such a favourite as 'Friendly Advice' live, not to mention less popular live tracks like 'This Time Around' or perhaps any of a number of Galaxie 500 songs from one of the first two albums. Oh well.
The one new song of the set, which featured Sean on chorus vocals (!), seemed like they are definitely moving in a more straightforward direction with definite pop sensibilities and a high level of radio-friendly catchiness. Then again, that may be a bit much to conclude from one song.
The mood in the club was very nice, and everybody in LUNA seemed like they were in a good mood, with Sean contributing heavily to the banter, which was more lively than at the 2 previous shows I've been to.
Britta seems like she's been playing with them forever, and although I'll always miss Justin, she did a very good job on the left side of the stage. AND it's a nice addition with her vocals on Bonnie and Clyde (and the other songs).

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