Review: Damon, Naomi and Richio Blackmorihara

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The Clientele opened. I like the Clientele, but I did find them very hard to like, something about them seemed to require effort. They played a good opening set and I felt that the effort was rewarded. I'd certainly go and see them again.
Next up The Trembling Blue Stars – I must admit that I've kind of lost touch with TBS recently so the set was a bunch of unfamiliar songs – well unfamiliar yet unmistakably Bob Wratten. They have a drummer now which gives them the opportunity to occasionally wig out – very enjoyable (they're headlining the Garage on 23rd of June – worth a few quid of anyone's money.
Damon & Naomi were accompanied throughout the set by Michio Kurihara who set up on a corner of the stage surrounded by a phenomenal array of effects pedals (a sort of Richio Blackmorihara) but he added a tremendous spice to Damon & Naomi – and Damon & Naomi seemed to really enjoy having him on sage with them. The set was, for the most part, taken from "...with Ghost" – Judah, I Dreamed, The New World,The Great Wall, Tanka – in amongst these was thrown a couple of oldies Turn of The Century, New York City, Eye Of The Storm, The Navigator – a couple of covers Tim Buckley's Song To The Siren and a quite beautiful take on Gram Parsons' A Song For You. Having been tempted back for a second encore we were then treated to This Car Climbed Mt Washington.
All in all a very pleasant evening and worth dragging myself out of my sick bed for. Shame I can't make it to Wolverhampton tomorrow.

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