Review: Damon & Naomi - Garage, London , UK - 2 September 1999

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I arrived and caught most of the support act, Tram (I think) and was sufficiently impressed, but for them persistently giving their songs fake endings, which is frustrating for a keen audience, and I can't believe it's not frustrating for the band.

Damon & Naomi took to the stage and played another enjoyable set, covering pretty much the same ground as they for the two previous shows, a gorgeous \"Laika\" was one of the high points. They also played a genuinely new song \"so new we're still fighting over the lyrics\". \"Mirror Phase\" saw Damon & Naomi alternating the vocal which was quite unusual but effective.

Another fine performance.

If I have one criticism of these three shows it's that none of them were long enough, Terrastock obviously had a tight schedule to stick to, but the other two shows would have benefited from maybe shorter support acts or a later curfew to allow Damon & Naomi to put in a show over an hour long. Having said that I've been treated to three very good shows in eight days so I guess I shouldn't really complain.

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