Review: Damon & Naomi - ULU, London , UK - 28 August 1999

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Having passed my childcare responsibilities on to a babysitter I made my way to ULU for day 2 of Terrastock (the only day I could get the time to go) for 6pm expecting to see Tom Rapp, the disappointment of discovering that (another) schedule change had meant Tom taking to the stage at 4 and me arriving just in time to catch a truly memorable performance from Damon & Naomi.

This was the 6th time I had seen them and it was rather strange to see them sitting on such a big stage, looking slightly lost amongst the equipment that fills a stage at this sort of event. The sound was a vast improvement on Brighton and the crowd were more attentive (having the bar outside the hall tends to make for a better atmosphere IMO). The set was similar to the Brighton one, they managed the whole of \"Turn Of The Century\" which sound problems had forced them to abandon on Thursday, and they treated us to a nice mixture of old and new - \"Information Age\", \"Eye of the Storm\", \"The Navigator\" etc.

Fifteen minutes before their time was up they upped and wandered off stage, an enthusiastic crowd encouraged them back and they sat down and eased into a beautiful and very moving version of \"Blue Thunder\". I had heard that they had been occasionally gifting audiences to a Galaxie 500 track but to be honest I was beginning to doubt that they'd ever treat a London crowd to it. A very, very splendid end to a splendid show.

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