Review: Damon & Naomi - Garage, London , UK - 20 May 1998

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Arrived just in time to catch the last three numbers of Tim Keegan's set, not bad but nothing to get too excited about - he was playing with a band and it didn't work for me as much as when he played alone last time around.

Mountain Goats came on and he insisted on making all the people who were sitting down at the front stand up, which was a bit ripe considering he was sitting down - which meant that the only folk who could see him were in the first couple of rows (the stage is VERY low). Again just OK - I've enjoyed him more before but I find enjoyment is always increased by the ability to see what you're enjoying.

Damon & Naomi arrived on stage and promptly encouraged the people at the front to sit down again. They opened with \"The Turn Of The Century\" the opening track from the new album, and proceeded through a selection of their finest material. High point was a quite exquisite \"Information Age\".

They finished with an encore of Tom Rapp's \"Translucent Carriages\" and Bob Dylan's \"It's All Over Now Baby Blue\".

The sound seemed less warm than it had on previous occasions, but I suspect this was more to do with the venue than anything D+N were doing. The set was too short, but with three acts on the bill and an 11pm curfew I guess that was inevitable, and as the night progressed it became more of a challenge for them to be heard over the people talking at the bar.

Having said that it was another superb performance, I can't imagine I'll ever be disappointed with seeing them live.

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