Review: Luna - LA2, London , UK - 15 October 1997

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OK, horrified as I am that I didn't manage to post the first review of this show on my own mailing list - here's my view of events...

Arrived shortly before Cornershop - so I missed the first band too.

Last time I saw Cornershop I was converted - I'd never really been a fan but that night I was moved - then I discovered that \"Woman's Gotta Have It\" is a pretty good album - and since then they've released what is a serious challenger for album of the year with \"When I Was Born...\".

But last night I was disappointed - they just never seemed to get going - \"WOG\" and \"Good Ship\" were only average and \"Brimful of Asha\" should have been great but barely got me bobbing, a pretty good closing \"Jullander Shere\" almost saved the day but I know they can do better.

The crowd noticeably thinned for Luna - but it was still probably the biggest and most enthusiastic crowd I'd seen at one of their shows, and tonight they rocked - they seem to be getting a much harder edge to their sound of late - \"Time to Quit\" positively buzzed, and even \"California\" seemed like the evil brother of the song that's been gracing American Express TV adverts over here.

They closed the main set with a glorious IHOP (the studio version seems so much better having heard it live), and enccored with \"Chinatown\" and (of course) an amazing \"Indian Summer\" - I keep thinking that one day I'll get bored with them doing \"Indian Summer\" live - but after last night I'm not sure I ever will.

After last years discussions that Luna were perhaps becoming a touch formulaic live, this show managed to blow that theory right out of the water.

The evening's only down side was only the songs they didn't play - we weren't treated to a Galaxie number, and there were a stack of my faves that didn't get played - but I guess when you have four albums (plus the Galaxie 500 back catalogue) to draw on you've got to accept that there will be disappointing omissions.

(although they could have played longer!)


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A collection of AHFoW related releases on Bandcamp
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