Review: Damon & Naomi - 12 Bar Club, London , UK - 7 October 1997

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Jackie and I arrived at the cosy 12 Bar and squeezed ourselves upstairs onto the tiny balcony where Jonathan was holding a prime positioned table for us. As we sat down Tim Keegan arrived onstage (he is part of a band called Homer about whom I know nothing) and I, being a sucker for anyone alone onstage with an acoustic guitar, sat back and enjoyed a set of smart lyriced pop tunes with the automatic folky feel that an acoustic guitar gives to everything. While I wasn't dribbling at the discovery of something new to fall in love with, I enjoyed it well enough to want to hear more.

Damon & Naomi arrived onstage shortly after, Damon playing an acoustic guitar and Naomi alternating between bass and sruti (that wonderful drone box that we should all now be acquainted with). They played \"one long set with a break in the middle\", opening with \"The Navigator\" and proceeding through a number of tracks from the two albums (not in set order!) \"Information Age\", an exquisite \"Tour Of The World\", \"Forgot To Get High\", \"New York City\", \"How Long\" etc., they also treated us to the debut live performance of their next single \"Kinetoscope\" (Blue Rose).

Of the non-originals, they did a quite beautiful rendition of Tim Buckley's \"I Must Have Been Blind\", and an equally gorgeous \"Translucent Carriages\", the track they've recorded for the Tom Rapp tribute album.

They finished the evening with a quite glorious \"This Car Climbed Mount Washington\", and left the stage with so much still unplayed!

We left, after of course, the traditional \"inept fan-boy approaches his heroes\" routine, having forgotten to ask any important questions, but having chatted briefly about Tim Buckley and Tom Rapp to Naomi, and bored Damon with stories of recent fatherhood.

On the whole a VERY satisfactory night, it was also nice to have met Paul, the individual behind the other Galaxie 500 page - you know the one that actually has some pictures - and an interview!

I think that's enough superlatives for one day.

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