As well as this blog A Head Full of Wishes is splashed all over the Internet in various ways – this page is an attempt to keep track on just what else I’m doing!

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Mailing List: A List Full of Wishes is fairly quiet these days (I guess social media made email lists seem a little old hat) but it’s still there and gets a sporadic burst of life.

Facebook: A Head Full of Wishes on Facebook

Twitter: Follow ahfow for related stuff or feel free to follow grange85 for all of that plus me whinging about the weather and tweeting pictures of my cats.

Tumblr: Oblivious is a collection of AHFoW related stuff that I come across – some will eventually find it onto this website – a lot finds its way there from here!

Google+: A Head Full of Wishes now has a Google+ “Community” – pretty small and mostly me posting stuff but it’s there and will hopefully get livelier (and then Google will probably kill Communities the way that Google does that sort of thing).

Flickr: There are a few of Flickr Groups I’ve set up
A Head Full of Wishes on Flickr – photos of anything and everything related
You Turned My Head Around on Flickr – photos of a very specific moment from a specific song by Dean & Britta
A Fashion Parade Full of Wishes on Flickr – Photos of (mostly me) wearing my ahfow related T-shirts

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