Damon Krukowski’s extracurricular activities

Damon & Ben Chasny backing Elisa Ambrogio @invisiblemotor

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A few bits and pieces to catch up on what Damon has been doing when he’s not being part of Damon & Naomi.

Damon’s working on a non-fiction book – “The New Analog” which I guess has grown out of this Pitchfork piece from last year.

In other words, mapping ourselves via headphones or GPS can lead to disorientation. Without analog clues to guide location, the world becomes an Alice-in-Wonderland-like place where signs pointing north nonetheless lead south, and sounds come from the left or right but never straight ahead.

He’s also written a piece recently for Pitchfork making “the case against subwoofers”:

To my ears, the bass boosting of Beats and of home theater systems designed to mimic reality for movies and games doesn’t translate to a “real” experience of music. But my idea of real is based on the experience of physical instruments, acoustic and electric. And perhaps the reality of music itself has undergone a change.

It’s definitely worth following Damon on Twitter for insightful commentary on all aspects of the music biz… and beyond

… and keeping an eye on his blog.

And for all this and more Damon has a new website – DadaDrummer.com.

Luna at the Northside Festival in Brooklyn – a quick round-up

Small child not enjoying #Luna. #music #northsidefestival
Not quite everyone was enjoying the show

First up you should head over to the fab NYCTaper where you can download the show and listen to it while you read through the rest of this post.

NYCTaper: Luna: June 11, 2015 McCarren Park (Northside Fest) – Flac/MP3/Streaming

… or click this and head over there later!

The New York Times has a review of the show:

Live, the songs opened up in ways that the studio versions deliberately held back. In music with such a restricted palette, small variations loomed larger: when “Bewitched” began with Mr. Wareham playing alone, when Ms. Phillips’s bass leapt out with a switch to distortion in “Friendly Advice,” when the whole band floated into a psychedelic haze in “Pup Tent,” when crescendos swelled and suddenly dropped away.

At first, Mr. Wareham and Mr. Eden confined their lead guitar parts to terse little hooks; then they improvised more to reveal their distinct touches, jittery and insistent from Mr. Wareham and curvy and long-lined from Mr. Eden. Luna toured Spain and Portugal earlier this year and its members are listening to one another closely, clearly savoring their reunion.

New York Times: Review: A Reunited Luna Plays Brooklyn’s Northside Festival

Cool Dad Music has some nice pictures from the show

NewBeats has a short review and some nice pictures from the show.

Clearly the band was still in peak form based on the performance, especially when Wareham and Eden traded both tasty lead and rhythm parts, not to mention some humorous, friendly banter like old times

Here’s the band playing Tiger Lily courtesy of michaelfgioia on YouTube

There are stacks of photos on Instagram… but you Instagram doesn’t make here are a couple

Last night @Northsidefestival

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Why don't we smile just like we used to? #Luna at #northsidefestival

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If anyone spots anything else please get in touch or leave a comment.

Dean Wareham’s #lunareunion tour diary

Luna at soundcheck

Salon have published Dean Wareham’s diary of their tour around Spain and Portugal

Read: “It’s starting to sound like Luna up in here”: Dean Wareham’s reunion tour diary on Salon

We have sold out two nights at the beautiful Teatro Lara. After the show we go out for drinks with friends from Switzerland, and others who have traveled from Chicago and Los Angeles and Boston, including “City Kitty Nate” — so named because he comes to shows and calls out for “City Kitty.”

“Yes,” says Sean from the stage, “you have come all the way from Boston, but we are still not going to play that song.”

In Porto we play the spectacular Casa Da Musica, designed by Rem Koolhas. He has thought of everything, except, one stage-hand says, a bathroom backstage. On this sleepy Sunday night we are treated to a home-cooked feijoada, gin and tonic, red wine, 70-year-old port.

Luna vinyl box set to be released in the autumn

Long Players 92-99

Dean has alluded to this in recent interviews but the official announcement has arrived for the upcoming box set of Luna vinyl. The box, Long Players 92-99 will be released by Captured Tracks and will contain Luna’s first five albums, a disc of rarities and a book containing photos, an oral histroy and an interview with Dean Wareham.

There is no official release date as yet but the Captured Tracks website suggests “Fall/Winter 2015″ – better start saving your pennies.

Luna are carrying out an extensive tour of North America in October and November.

The track list for the rarities LP is

  • Egg Nog (LUNA)
  • Indian Summer (Calvin Johnson)
  • Ride Into the Sun (Reed/Cale)
  • That’s What You Always Say (Steve Wynn)
  • Anesthesia (original demo) (Dean Wareham)
  • In The Flesh (Harry/Stein)
  • Bonnie and Clyde (Serge Gainsbourg)
  • I Know You Tried (unreleased demo)
  • Roll in the Sand (Lyrics: Wareham, Music: LUNA)
  • Dear Paulina (Lyrics: Wareham, Music: LUNA)

The full track list for the box can be found here.