Happy 20th birthday to A Head Full of Wishes – #1

Ninteen... Twenty... Suprise!
Anyone who read the boring bit of my last post (survey) would have noticed that this web site reaches (or has reached) it’s 20th birthday around this time. I had all these elaborate plans for concerts or records or books to celebrate but just never got around to doing any of that… so the celebration will have to be this blog post of reminiscences and I’ll save the big stuff for the 25th birthday – pop December 2019 in your calendars.

I suppose I may as well break it down into twenty bite-sized chunks.
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It’s that time of year again where you get to choose your fave tracks by your fave bands – I’ll bore you with a bit of history down the page – but to be honest I’d rather you clicked on that button down there rather than listen to me on another pathetic nostalgia trip!
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A Head Full of Wishes came in to being at the tail end of 1994 (followed by the Mailing list a few months later) – the survey arrived for Christmas 1995 and in that poll you could only choose from three Luna albums and two Damon & Naomi ones, the Galaxie 500 albums were out of print and the reissues where only a rumour!

There’s been one every year since, some in the summer, but since 2002 every Christmas has had a survey. You can see the results of most of them over here.

This year’s survey has been hastily thrown together in a Google form since the changes to the website I made in the spring rather broke the old survey engine. This means you’ll have to type your favourite tracks – and I’ll have to sort out the muddle like I used to in the olden days of votes by email.

Actually if you fancy voting by email feel free:


  • Favourite Galaxie 500 album and three favourite tracks
  • Favourite Luna album and three favourite tracks
  • Favourite Damon & Naomi album and three favourite tracks
  • Favourite Dean & Britta album and three favourite tracks
  • Favourite Dean Wareham album and three favourite tracks

If you want to include your age do, only so we know if Bob’s still the oldest!

Take the 2014 survey

New Damon and Naomi album ‘Fortune’ in February

Fortune by Damon & Naomi

Damon and Naomi’s next studio album will be released on 17th February next year and is the soundtrack to Naomi’s short film Fortune which premiered in May of this year. The album will feature eleven new tracks and will be available on LP, CD and as a digital download.


I imagine that given Damon’s recent comments on Twitter with regards to streaming, it’ll be available to stream for free too!

You can still see the film of Fortune on Naomi’s Vimeo channel.

Fortune from Naomi Yang on Vimeo.

“We shouldn’t do this but we’re going to” – a kazootastic cover of Lou Reed’s Walk on the Wild Side by Luna

Picture lifted without permission from Lew Stringer’s comic blog Blimey!

Just sorting through the chaos that is my hard drive and came across this lovely cover of Lou Reed’s Walk on the Wild Side covered by Luna in San Francisco in 1995:

We shouldn’t do this but we’re going to

Enjoy it… I did.

MP3: Luna – Walk on the Wild Side (1995-10-16: Slims, San Francisco, CA, USA)

Originals: post mortem and supplemental

I started the originals series on 31st January 2013 so it took me one year and eight months to get through them all… here’s a few stats
Covered by Galaxie 500 : 12
Covered by Luna : 21
Covered by Damon & Naomi[1] : 24
Covered by Dean & Britta : 17
Covered by Dean Wareham[2] : 15

Most covered songwriters
Jonathan Richman : 4
Lou Reed : 4 (solo and with the VU – plus a bonus coming down this very page)
John Lennon : 3 (2 solo tracks and one of The Beatles’ covers)[3]
Lee Hazelwood : 3

See all posts in the Originals series over here.

I generally stuck to tracks that had received an official release, although a few stray ineligible ones slipped through. Here are a couple that didn’t but could have:

MP3: Luna – Walk on The Wild Side (originally by Lou Reed)

MP3: Damon & Naomi – Shine a Light (originally by The Rolling Stones)


1: Including Magic Hour

2: Including Cagney and Lacee. Not including the covers on Emancipated Hearts or Dean Wareham as both were released after I started the series.

3: Technically John Lennon also gets a credit on Cheese and Onions