Damon & Naomi’s International Sad Hits, Volume 2

International Sad Hits, volume 2
International Sad Hits, volume 2

Back in 2006 the third release on Damon & Naomi’s 20-20-20 label was International Sad Hits, Volume 1, a compilation of singer-songwriters whose “music has never left their national or linguistic cultures”, since then the duo have been working on getting volume 2 released with the help of Spanish musician Ibon Errazkin. Volume 2 was to have covered the music of the Iberian peninsula but sadly rights issues have meant that after protracted attempts to get a release Damon & Naomi have opted to put out the album as a YouTube playlist.

You can find out all about the album (actually albums) and listen to it (them) over on the new 20-20-20 website.
International Sad Hits, Volume Two: The Iberian Peninsula

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Sonic Cathedral sale of Dean Wareham CDs and cassettes

Dean Wareham’s UK label, Sonic Cathedral, currently has a sale on with some discounted Dean Wareham releases:

Cassette: Dean Wareham – Live At St Pancras Old Church £5
CD: Dean Wareham – Dean Wareham £5
CD: Dean Wareham – Emancipated Hearts £5

… and also, featuring Dean and Britta:
CD: Cheval Sombre – Mad Love £2.50
CD: Cheval Sombre – Cheval Sombre;2.50

Look out also for some other fab bargains from the likes of Gulp, Lorelle Meets the Obsolete and Neil Halstead.

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Pre-order Damon & Naomi’s Fortune on CD and LP, buy a download or stream the album

Fortune by Damon & Naomi

Damon & Naomi’s new album Fortune is now available to buy digitally, or to pre-order on CD or LP for release on the 16th February. You can also buy the album digitally and listen to the whole thing on their bandcamp page.

Actually, while you’re at the new 20-20-20 page you could take the opportunity to fill your boots with plenty more including Galaxie 500 LPs, CDs, books and T-shirts, plus Damon & Naomi CDs and vinyl.

UNCUT review

The album has received a lovely review in UK magazine UNCUT where the album is described as being

… full of jewel-like songs, minimally arranged, for maximum emotional resonance


Damon & Naomi’s […] melodies seem to arrive through cascades of notes, shivering through complex skeins of acoustic guitar, keyboards, bass and drum [and] is a perfect fit for soundtracking

The album is the soundtrack to Naomi’s short film Fortune which the duo screened with live accompaniment a few times last year. You can watch the whole film on naomivision.com (and below):

Fortune from Naomi Yang on Vimeo.

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Dean & Britta score Noah Baumbach’s Mistress America

Sundance Film Festival Street Photography January 24 2015-6117
Dean & Britta have provided the score for the new Noah Baumbach film Mistress America. The film has just premièred at Sundance where it appears to have been well received, as has the soundtrack:

A decade on from composing duties on “The Squid and the Whale,” the duo of Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips return here with a memorable original score steeped in ’80s-style New Wave synth pop.

Variety: Greta Gerwig shines in a tailor-made role in her and Noah Baumbach’s spirited screwball follow-up to ‘Frances Ha

Influenced by ’80s coming of age movies, “Mistress America” also boasts a sublimely gauzy and pulsing synthesizer score by ex-Luna members Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips (they provided some music for “The Squid In The Whale” and Wareham’s cameo is almost as funny as his brief turn in “While We’re Young”)

Indiewire – The Playlist: Sundance Review: Noah Baumbach’s ‘Mistress America’ Starring Lola Kirke & Greta Gerwig

… and as has Dean’s appearance in the film:

The film is also bursting with hilarious side characters such as Tracy’s lit class chums, a pregnant tax lawyer/book club member and musician Dean Wareham dressed and coiffed to look like the best “Connecticut rich guy” from central casting I’ve ever seen put to film.

The Guardian: Sundance 2015 review: Mistress America – Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig serve a screwball soufflé

There’s a couple of pics of Dean & Britta on the red carpet at the premiere:
Composers Dean Wareham (L) and Britta Phillips attend the ‘Mistress America’ Premiere

Dean & Britta mentioned on Twitter that there will be a soundtrack album:

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