Apr 162014

The always excellent nyctaper have just shared Dean Wareham’s Bowery Ballroom show from a couple of weeks back. I haven’t had a chance to listen as yet but have absolutely no doubt that it’s every bit as good as the site claims:

This show was recorded with precision by hiandlo, who utilized his Schoeps cards in conjunction with a well-balanced board feed to create a truly superb

Download the show as mp3 or flac on their website now

Apr 092014

OK, I know that Sally Free & Easy wasn’t originally by Trees. It was written in the 1950s by English folk singer and songwriter Cyril Tawney, but I can’t help but think that the Magic Hour version was more likely a cover of the track as recorded by the English folk band Trees for their brilliant 1970 album “On the Shore”.

Here’s a version by the Mr Tawney from his 1972 album “In Port”.

Oh but all the greats of English folk probably have it in their repertoire.

Magic Hour released their cover on the 1994 album No Excess is Absurd and it was the only track by the band to feature Naomi Yang’s vocals.
MP3: Damon & Naomi – Sally Free and Easy

If you pop 10 minutes into this video you can see Magic Hour performing the track at The Sausage Machine in London in 1994.

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Apr 062014

Over on bittorrent site Dimeadozen, kubacheck has shared a great recording of Firday night’s Dean Wareham’s show in Washington DC
Bittorrent: Dean Wareham – 2014-04-04: Washington DC

There are also a hatful of photos of the Washington DC show taken by Bob Boilen of NPR over on flickr
Photos: Dean Wareham – 2014-04-04: Washinton DC – Photos by Bob Boilen

Dan has posted a bunch of very splendid videos on YouTube of Dean Wareham’s show in Carrboro, NC on Thursday night… I’ll post a couple of videos here but head over to YouTube to see the rest:

Video: Dean Wareham – Holding Pattern (2014-04-03: Carrboro, NC)

Video: Dean Wareham – Temperature’s Rising (2014-04-03: Carrboro, NC)

Video: Dean Wareham – Tiger Lily (2014-04-03: Carrboro, NC)

You can also see…

Video: Dean Wareham – Indian Summer (2014-04-03: Carrboro, NC)
Video: Dean Wareham – Strange (2014-04-03: Carrboro, NC)
Video: Dean Wareham – Tugboat (2014-04-03: Carrboro, NC)

Some great photos of the show in Atlanta on 1st April by nickmickolas
Photos: Dean Wareham – 2014-04-01: Atlanta – Photos by nickmickolas
Dean Wareham

Apr 042014

Naomi Yang’s new silent film ‘Fortune’ will receive its debut at London’s Café Oto on the 18th May. Tickets cost £8 in advance (£10 on the day) and are on sale now through Wegottickets. The film features Norman von Holtzendorff and Anabel Vázquez Rodríguez and will be presented with a live soundtrack of eleven new songs performed by Damon & Naomi.

Fortune by Naomi Yang

Apr 022014

Facing the rails

Ride Into the Sun never made it onto any of The Velvet Underground’s official releases until, I believe, their posthumous Another View compilation was released in 1986, the version on that was an istrumental version recorded in 1969, an earlier version, with vocals, had turned up on the 1993 Australian box set, and an out-take from the Loaded sessions made it onto the Peel Slowly and See box set. There are also live versions kicking around, notably on the Quine Tapes.

I’m not going to try and work out what we have here… and when it was recorded because I haven’t listened that closely and it’s a can of worms I’m not ready to open (anyone is welcome to correct my guesses!)…

Instrumental (I think this is the 1969 version from Another View)

Vocal (This is the Loaded out-take)

Head this way for lots more Ride Into the Sun!