This is a collection of rare and unreleased tracks. Most of the accompanying articles can be found tagged with ‘mp3′

13 thoughts on “MP3”

  1. I think I remember email correspondence with you years ago concerning getting a version of Dear Paulina in lossless form. This was when the email “message board” format was the way fans contacted each other. You weren’t sure it was allowed and Britta gave the okay since it was unavailable except for 500 7″. Maybe it wasn’t you (we had a little tiff re:mp3 being undiscernible to the human ear and refused to send- I got it lossless through another member via FTP) – thanks for putting all this great stuff! Love your site!

  2. I am greatly enjoying all these rare Luna tracks at work today…can’t remember when toiling over spreadsheets ever felt this “sublime” (in the word of an earlier poster.) Many thanks for making these available, Andy.

  3. Thought I would peek and give mad props to Andy for all he does. Hope all is well. You do yeoman’s work.

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