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  1. Hi Andy – looks like the guestbook hasn’t gotten much traffic lately. I was able to get tickets for all three nights in NYC and was wondering if you were going to make the trip over for grins. Had a chance to speak with Matt as he was behind the downstairs bar at Bowery Ballroom for a speedy ortiz show. Real nice guy. Said he was looking forward to the October shows and potentially playing with D&B again. Five months and counting..

  2. Wondering if anyone has heard the Luna song “Follow Me” which is featured in the film Thursday. It sounds like Luna, and the voice is certainly Dean’s (although a bit sped up). There are two versions, one shorter one with an instrumental intro before the first verse, and another slightly longer version with the first verse repeated. Both are credited to Glenn Plummer, which is perhaps why the song has eluded some Luna fans. Plummer is not a musician, he’s an actor who stars in the film, he plays the character Ice. You can listen to, and download, “Follow Me” here:

    Also, does anyone know if Luna is responsible for other instrumental tracks from the film? “17.30,” “Blood,” “Nik,” and “The End.” These sound vaguely like Luna, but without Dean’s voice it’s difficult to confirm. Some of them have that punchy wah-wah guitar sound the band often uses, and is featured prominently on “Seven Eleven.” These songs are also available for listening and downloading at the site above.

    1. Hi John, the track “Follow Me” was posted on this website way back in 2002 – although for want of a title it got called “Lucky Day” – it had been ripped from the DVD for me back then.

      As I understood it Luna did the whole soundtrack, but I can’t be absolutely sure of that. The fact that they sound like Luna (which they do) suggests they probably are.

      I know there’s been no official soundtrack release, so I guess these four other tracks have also been lifted from the DVD?

  3. Lou Reed passed away today…

    Oh, it’s such a perfect day
    I’m glad I spend it with you
    Oh, such a perfect day
    You just keep me hanging on
    You just keep me hanging on

  4. I’m very keen on getting a copy of the Britta version of Sonic’s How You Satisfy Me. I’ve delved through the (fantastic) MP3 section on here, but don’t see it.
    My life is incomplete – can anyone help?

  5. In case you didn’t get my tweet..

    Forgot the camera so the Iphone would have to do.
    What a way for Dean to end the G500 revisit.
    A number of hightlights:
    1. This version of Ceremont
    2. Britta’s version of “I’ll keep it with mine”
    3. Closing with Tugoat & 4th of July (of course)
    4. “Don’t let our youth go to waste”
    5. The fact that I was fortunate to catch the 1st Dean does G500 show, the last one, the Bell House Show that I took my son to on his 21st Birthday (his first concert ever was ’08 at Prospect Park w/ The Shirts as the opener).
    6. The fact that I never thought I would ever hear all these wonderful songs live again..

      1. Anytime Andy. Obviously you can’t spell Cermony with a ‘ t ‘. Ian would be proud of Dean helping to keep his legacy alive with his rendition. Hate to utter a disparaging word about new order but I believe the rawness of Dean’s take is much more authentic.

  6. Hi Andy, I couldn’t find an email for you anywhere so I’m leaving info here…I stumbled across something in my collection I think you might want to add to the Luna discography – an Elektra promo cassette of “The Young and the Restless”…yep, “Days of Our Nights” not only before Elektra dropped them, but before they changed the title. It’s marked as “not mixed or mastered – for listening purposes only”. I haven’t A/B’ed against the actual release to see what’s different sonically. The track order is different even than the Elektra promo marked as “Days of Our Nights”, although “Requiem for a Mouse” remains over “Words Without Wrinkles” – no “Sweet Child…” either. Weird…

    I have pictures if you’d like!

    1. Thanks Greg, I was aware of it and it was originally scheduled for release “late fall” of last year – it was then pushed back to around about now, and then pushed back again until October… looking forward to it but not holding my breath… shame it wasn’t put out in time to sell a few copies on the back of the Dean plays Galaxie 500 shows…

  7. Hi Andy

    My band are hoping to release an album in the not too distant future and we want to put our version of “Tugboat” on it. Out of courtesy, do you think this would be okay with the band? We’ll probably only sell 5 copies so I don’t think publishing royalties will really come into the equation. However, if we do sell a million I wouldn’t want to sell anyone short so any advice would be welcome.

    And thanks for the great site.



  8. Hi Andy,

    Just wanted to say great site, stumbled on it a couple of days ago and really dig the wealth of media and info you’ve compiled on Galaxie 500/Luna/Dean and Britta.

    Quick question: Know where I can find a list of some of the gear/effects Dean has used over the years? Can’t seem to find any but maybe I’m not looking hard enough…



  9. hi andy,
    hope all is well. thanks for great jones st., its a treat.
    I must have asked this before but..I remember seeing luna at the clinton castle in battery park, nyc on 7/16/98 but no record exists of that show. any ideas?

  10. I should have left this comment a while ago, but thanks so much for all your work following Luna/G500 over the years. It’s a lucky thing to be a fan of these bands–not just because of the music, but also because of your excellent website. I remember finding a link to an online bootleg of the November 12, 2004 Luna show at the Abbey Pub in Chicago on Head Full of Wishes and just about losing it–of all the shows I’ve attended (for any band), that’s my favorite, and now I have the privilege of listening to it whenever I want. The effort you put into documenting this music is much appreciated.



  11. Thanks for your quick response Andy but i decided to order a US version as they’re really cheap over there , despite the hassle of having to alter the encoding on my laptop

  12. Can anybody please confirm whether the Luna documentary DVD ‘Tell Me’ is region-coded in the US. It seems the Euro copies are region free but according to the US version is region 1 (playable only in US and Canada). I’d like to buy a copy but the few copies i’ve found in Europe are prohibitively priced so i was thinking of picking up a US copy. Alternatively, as the DVD seems to be deleted, if anyone is willing to make a copy for me i’m sure i could copy something for you in return.

    1. I believe the US version is region encoded and also letterboxed so the Euro version is a much better option (IMO) if you can track one down. Shocked at the price of it though!

  13. Dean & Britta have a way of reaching in and breathing new life into these simple silly little songs that touch my heart each time they play them. I’ve seen this G500 show 22 times, and I tell you true, I can’t believe it’s over. Here’s hoping they do a Luna tour in a couple of years … what’a hoot that’d be.

    I’m suggesting “Buffalo Boots” for an encore …

    Cheers, Jenell

  14. Thanks for that Michael… lovely reminiscences – I’ve always loved how deeply music (any music) affects/inspires/enriches peoples lives. Great videos too!

  15. Hi Andy – wasn’t sure of the best way to post these so here you go..
    Lost count of the number of times I’ve seen Dean (and Britta) in many incarnations, but have to say this performance brought a tear to my eye. Maybe it was my wife and I getting the chance to celebrate our son’s 21st birthday in such a special way or maybe it just completes the circle since my wife was about 21 when I dragged her to her first luna show at Maxwell’s or the Bowery Ballroom some time ago. enjoy.

  16. Know what’s funny? This was literally one of the very fist “websites” I ever visited when I first spent time on the “Internet.” Sometime around 1996-1997 probably? When did the site start? Information about Luna was the first thing I searched for online – I remember typing “Luna the band” into whatever search engine I was using (Alta Vista, Hot Bot?) to get here.

    I have spent a lot of time on this site over the years, it is really odd to think about, at the time, I was fairly passionate about all things Luna/Galaxie 500. I am just having another go around with my Luna collection after a pretty good break and getting sentimental.

    I’m sure many have said it, but thank you for the time and effort over the years.

    1. Thanks for this Matt… it’s funny to think the site has been around that long (I started it in late ’94 or early ’95) – I sniggered just seeing the words “Hot Bot” – that was the search engine for a while!

  17. Great site!!!!!!! I have noticed that there are different versions of ” i want everything ” on the luna park cd. I think it has to do with when it was issued…..earlier issue has better version ( guitar solo is different if you dont know what im talking about ) If you can post the original or direct me where to get it, that would be awesome.

    1. Hi Mike, Thanks for the nice words. I was aware of the different guitar solos (it’s mentioned on the Lunapark page of the wiki – “Some copies of Lunapark have Grasshopper’s guitar solo from “I Want Everything” played backwards and some have it playing normally”

      My very early copy of Lunapark has the forwards version and the version on the US version of Best of Luna I have has the backwards one. I always meant to dig out these and do a blog post about them but never did… in the meantime…

      …I’ve popped them both on for comparison

  18. Thanks for the continued effort to make this site my pet music site. We’re not so spoiled with their gigs on this side of the Pond, but I will rush to Brighton, UK next February !
    Benoît, Hasselt, Belgium

  19. Just got back from three nights in California with Dean & Britta, got to record the shows at the Troudadour, the last minute show in Felton [where I recorded the soundcheck as well, where Britta sang “Plastic Birds”] a great show, with less than 50 people in the audience, and the show at THE FILLMORE … need I say that I’ve been in heaven … now to New Mexico finish some house business, then home to listen to the recordings.


  20. Caught Greenberg over the weekend and have to say overall it was just a great film though sad and awkward for the most part, certainly redemptive in the end. What made it special was hearing ‘Strange’ halfway through. A very appropriate song for a movie in which the lead character seems to be having the same questions mulling through his head at all times. If you enjoyed The Squid and the Whale you will not be disappointed.

  21. That puddle to the left of the stage was me … I still haven’t gathered myself together since the show. ;) We welcomed in the New Year at a Rest Stop on the way back to Philadelphia with burgers and cold fries. Now that was a New Year’s Celebration to be remembered. If only we’d remembered to get gas, we wouldn’t have needed to stop again … but hay, I was feeling very fuzzzzzzzzzzy.

  22. Hi Andy,
    Happy New Year
    Had the pleasure of catching D&B at SouthPaw on New Year’s Eve.
    Can’t say enough of how great they are sounding these days. They performed excellent versions of Chinatown, Bewitched, Moon Palace and 23 Mins. Closed with a killer cover of Ceremony. Sorry for the lack of video quality. It maybe time for a new camera. In any case..enjoy

  23. OH … and please check out the two that I created for Rochester and this New Year’s at South Paw … I have a few of the Rochester left, and if you dig the Cheshire Cat, get one before the show, that way you’ll be sure to get one …


  24. Do you actually own all of those posters? If so, I’d be interested in purchasing a couple that I don’t have.

    Cheers, J

  25. Thank you Andy for this warm and generous site. I want some luna merchandise, a t-shirt would be nice. I’m sorry that this plea for consumption is all i can contribute at the moment.

  26. Thanks NickG – I’ve posted a news item about the interview. Never realised I was hard to get hold of, just thought I was unpopular! I better fix that.

  27. Greetings …

    Just thought I’d mention that the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago has added a “late show” for “13 Most Beautiful …” scheduled for 10pm (the first show is sold out).

    Their web site also advises those attending the late show to arrive early and meet Dean (signing books in the lobby). I trust, those of us exiting the first show will have the same opportunity.

    This is a great venue and should serve the performance quite well. If you see me, stop and say hello. :)

  28. Andy – just a note of appreciation for your site. I am such a G500/Luna/DB fan and I have had your site bookmarked for years. The lost tracks and mp3’s you have posted are awesome. That Ceremony demo is killer. Also, love the annual poll. Happy to announce that I saw Luna in their one stop they made to Omaha, NE in ’02 (and later parodied in TMDYMM). I made every attempt to see the San Fran show last night, but work was an issue; however, my friend went and was blown away. Cheers.

  29. I need help figuring out when I saw Luna. I have a shirt from the show in Tempe, AZ with a picture of the enterprise and mr. spock on it. I think 1992? Anyone.


  30. Where can I find live recordings of Luna? I have the Luna live CD. Anything else.

    Also, I attended a show in Tempe, AZ but I dont cant find it in the Gigography. I think it was around 93′ or 94′.

  31. I was flipping through the tv stations, and came accross this reality show on vh-1 called Confessions of a Teen Idol. I watched for about a minute, and they were playing Luna-this time around.(The beginning of the song anyway)It was cool to hear a Luna song on tv. I guess the person in charge of that show has some good musical taste.

  32. Hi James, I’m pretty sure the first UK shows were in Feb 92 when they played dates with Grasshopper of Mercury Rev on guitar – the only date that I have in the db for that tour is the London one but I suspect they played more than just that one. They came back in September 92 when I bought my first Luna T-shirt as modelled here. I’ll have a look in Black Postcards when I get home but I’m pretty certain the first ever Luna show was in Jan 1992.

  33. I saw Luna at the Duchess of York pub, in Leeds,England ,i think it was in 1991,i could be wrong..
    there were only about 20 people there,and maybe only half a dozen properly watching, everyone else was just having a pint !
    I stood 3 feet away and was spellbound.
    Fond memories of this little gig.
    Dean said he didn’t have many songs yet so they did lots of galaxie covers.

    can anyone confirm this gig ?

    yours faithfully


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