Damon Krukowski’s extracurricular activities

Damon & Ben Chasny backing Elisa Ambrogio @invisiblemotor

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A few bits and pieces to catch up on what Damon has been doing when he’s not being part of Damon & Naomi.

Damon’s working on a non-fiction book – “The New Analog” which I guess has grown out of this Pitchfork piece from last year.

In other words, mapping ourselves via headphones or GPS can lead to disorientation. Without analog clues to guide location, the world becomes an Alice-in-Wonderland-like place where signs pointing north nonetheless lead south, and sounds come from the left or right but never straight ahead.

He’s also written a piece recently for Pitchfork making “the case against subwoofers”:

To my ears, the bass boosting of Beats and of home theater systems designed to mimic reality for movies and games doesn’t translate to a “real” experience of music. But my idea of real is based on the experience of physical instruments, acoustic and electric. And perhaps the reality of music itself has undergone a change.

It’s definitely worth following Damon on Twitter for insightful commentary on all aspects of the music biz… and beyond

… and keeping an eye on his blog.

And for all this and more Damon has a new website – DadaDrummer.com.

Extracurricular: Dean Wareham on the new LP by The Vacant Lots

"Guitars on Tomorrow by Dean Wareham #thevacantlots #deanwareham #vinyl #lp #record
Guitars on Departure by Dean Wareham

Sonic Cathedral are releasing the new LP by The Vacant Lots next week. The album, Departure, features Dean Wareham on guitars on the track Tomorrow.

You can order the LP direct from Sonic Cathedral, or from all the usual suspects and initial copies from certain outlets will have a free bonus CD of singles, remixes and demos.

Buy Departure by The Vacant Lots from Amazon UK
Buy Departure by The Vacant Lots from Amazon US

The Vacant Lots are touring the UK from Saturday with The Brian Jonestown Massacre. They also play a launch event for the album on Monday at The Social in London.
http://youtu.be/OV00gx45z5sThe Vacant Lots - Departure poster

Extracurricular: Dean & Britta on new Chris Stroffolino 7″

Dean & Britta guest on Piano Van man Chris Stroffolino’s 7″ single being released on Munster Records:

Stroffolino recorded these tracks with Sundance award-winning director Jeff Feuerzeig (“The Devil and Daniel Johnston”) handling the production. Here he is accompanied by Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips on the Alice Cooper version ‘I Never Cry’.

Here’s Dean & Britta performing Luna’s Lost in Space with Chris – this track isn’t on the single!

Extracurricular: Naomi Yang collaborates with Gary Graham on a video for Molly Drake’s Dream Your Dreams

Naomi Yang has collaborated with fashion designer Gary Graham and lighting and lighting designer Susanne Sasic on this beautiful video for Molly Drake’s Dream Your Dreams.

Inspired by the idea that Hope and Dreaming are potential evils and destructive forces, this film uses cut outs and print motifs from [Gary Graham’s] Fall 2014 collection as characters to illustrate Molly Drake’s song “Dream Your Dreams.”

Molly Drake was singer-songwriter Nick Drake’s mother and Dream Your Dreams is from a collection of recordings made at the Drake family home in the 1950s and recently released by Squirrel Thing Recordings.

Extracurricular: Damon & Naomi round-up

A couple of news items that slipped me by last week.

Damon has written another piece for Pitchfork: The New Analog: How analog technologies aren’t just relics in today’s digital world but rather essential tools that can help us reconnect with our surroundings—and each other

Music has been at the forefront of the assault on analog, and perhaps it can point the way toward its survival as well. Looking at the way we interact with sound can help define a “post-digital analog,” which could solve problems for our digital communications on an even broader scale. And what better place to consider our relationship to analog and digital sound than the two points of audio contact we make with our smartphones all day: through our ears and through our voice.

Naomi has another video:

Short video I edited for fashion designer Gary Graham showing the hypnotic jacquard loom weaving the fabric for the coat Gary designed for the upcoming show “Folk Couture.”

And a reminder that Damon & Naomi’s Exact Change ezine is available for iPhones and iPads.