Mar 242014

Dean & Britta guest on Piano Van man Chris Stroffolino’s 7″ single being released on Munster Records: Stroffolino recorded these tracks with Sundance award-winning director Jeff Feuerzeig (“The Devil and Daniel Johnston”) handling the production. Here he is accompanied by Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips on the Alice Cooper version ‘I Never Cry’. Here’s Dean [...]

Feb 202014

Naomi Yang has collaborated with fashion designer Gary Graham and lighting and lighting designer Susanne Sasic on this beautiful video for Molly Drake’s Dream Your Dreams. Inspired by the idea that Hope and Dreaming are potential evils and destructive forces, this film uses cut outs and print motifs from [Gary Graham's] Fall 2014 collection as [...]

Jan 192014

A couple of news items that slipped me by last week. Damon has written another piece for Pitchfork: The New Analog: How analog technologies aren’t just relics in today’s digital world but rather essential tools that can help us reconnect with our surroundings—and each other Music has been at the forefront of the assault on [...]

Nov 192013
New release on Damon & Naomi's 20-20-20 label

Damon & Naomi have just announced the next record on their 20-20-20 label. The release will be by Brazillian musician Alexandre Kassin. The album, released under the name Kassin, is called Sonhando Devagar (which translates as Slowly Dreaming) and was originally released in Brazil in 2011. It is now getting its first release on vinyl [...]

Oct 162013

In his now blossoming alternate career as a journalist Damon has written an article for Pitchfork discussing how we listen to music in the modern age and an app that tries to take us back to the way we used to listen to it. For a listener like me, whose prized teen possession was a [...]