Luna announce dates in the US and Canada for October

Luna 2015

Luna have announced the dates for their reunion jaunt around north America in October. The tour starts in Atlanta on 3rd October and wraps up in Los Angeles on 24th. Tickets are on sale now (or soon). There are a few gaps in the schedule so watch this space in case they get filled.

Quick round-up of the second half of Luna’s reunion tour of Spain and Portugal

Luna performing 23 Minutes in Brussels at Casa da Musica in Porto
So here’s a quick round-up of the second half of Luna’s tour of Span and Portugal, I posted the first half last week.

24th April 2015: Luna – Centro de Las Armas, Zaragoza


25th April 2015: Luna – Intxaurrondo, San Sebastián


26th April 2015: Luna – Casa Da Musica, Porto, Portugal

Obviously Porto has been well covered elsewhere on AHFoW

28th April 2015: Luna – Aulario la Bomba, Cádiz

In Cadiz, Luna were reunited with their missing gear

Reunited. ⭐️ #LunaReunion #Cadiz

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29th April 2015: Luna – Las Chocheras del Puerto, Huelva

30th April 2015: Luna – Planta Baja, Granada

#Luna lunera en #Granada #PlantaBaja #los90hanvuelto

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1st May 2015: Luna – SOS Festival, Murcia, Spain

Snippet of 23 Minutes in Brussels last night. Full vid uploading to Luna fb page now.

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2nd May 2015: Luna – Insomni, Girona

LUNA live from Girona 2/05/2015

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… and it was all over – and ready to start again in the UK in the summer and US in the autumn. Sit tight!

Luna at Casa da Música in Porto


Just home from a rather special few days in Porto, the peak of which was of course Luna’s show at Porto’s Casa da Música – anyone who has followed me on Twitter or Instagram on Sunday (and Monday) will know most of this but… for the rest of you here’s how the day went.
Casa da Música
Casa da Música

17:00 I managed to wangle ourselves an invite to the soundcheck so Hazel and I arrived at Casa da Música to be welcomed by Britta and Augusto who had been arranging the show. Taken inside – the room was rather splendid space in an astonishing building, chatted to Britta, Sean and Lee before Lee rushed off to get me a rather brilliant gift!

I fan-posed with Sean and Britta before they joined Lee on stage for the soundcheck and were joined by Dean shortly afterwards.

Luna at soundcheck
Luna soundchecking

17:20 The soundcheck had to be over by 6 so that it didn’t interfere with the classical concert in the big room next door – the band played a couple of songs and a few snippets.

18:00 The band headed off to rest and eat and Hazel and I headed into the streets around the venue for a bit of sightseeing. While outside I was recognised by Jerónimo and Joana, of Birds are Indie – who had made this very lovely lo-fi cover of 23 Minutes to celebrate Luna coming to Porto.

19:00 Met up with Luna fans Sara and Ed and headed off to grab a bite to eat – which for vegetarians in Porto is not always that easy – we found a café that obliged us with some omelettes and had a lovely pre-show chat about being fans!

21:00 Doors opened for and we headed into Casa da Musica – found a spot at the front.

Dean Wareham

21:30 Luna – the band have been mixing up their setlists quite a lot on this tour – the set was splendid but was tinged with concerns about what I never got to hear – of course if they’d played everything I wanted to hear the show would have been hours longer! Friendly Advice was a treat, and 23 Minutes was astounding… and the rest of the set was faultless – Bobby Peru, Pup Tent, Chinatown, Anesthesia, Still at Home etc.

They finished with Bonnie and Clyde… not Indian Summer… I think I missed Indian Summer most – off the top of my head I’m not sure that until Sunday I’d ever seen a Luna show that didn’t include Indian Summer.
Sean Eden

I’m not complaining – even if sounds a bit like that – it was a treat… and I have London in the summer and they’re sure to play another great set – and miss different things out!
Lee Wall

Britta Phillips

23:00 It was all over – hung around with other fans while the band patiently signed tickets and postcards and CD sleeves.

There are a stack more pictures on Flickr

Dean at soundcheck
Nice T-shirt

Quick round-up of the first half of Luna’s reunion tour of Spain

Well, I’m all packed and ready to head off to Portugal in the morning so before I go I’ll throw together a quick and dirty round-up of the first part of Luna’s reunion tour.

17th April 2015: Luna – Gijon Sound Festival, Gijon

Luna playing Pup Tent


18th April 2015: Luna – Escenario Santander, Santander

Night 2. #lunareunion

19th April 2015: Luna – Teatre de Lloseta, Lloseta, Mallorca


20th April 2015: Luna – Teatro Lara, Madrid

Luna live...

21st April 2015: Luna – Teatro Lara, Madrid

Luna! Post-show last night in Madrid

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22nd April 2015: Luna – La Cambra, Valencia


23rd April 2015: Luna – Bikini, Barcelona