Another Noah Baumbach movie… another Dean Wareham cameo

Noah Baumbach’s latest movie While We’re Young opens in US cinemas this weekend, and like most Noah Baumbach movies before it, you should be keeping an eye out for Dean Wareham – apparently playing a shaman. You can watch the trailer here:

I don’t have any pics of Dean’s appearance yet so you’ll have to make do with a screencap from another Baumbach movie:

Greta Gerwig and Dean Wareham in Frances Ha

… and a song from an even earlier Baumbach movie:
MP3: Jealous Guy by Luna from Mr Jealousy

… and sit tight for Baumbach’s next movie Mistress America that has a Dean & Britta soundtrack

Sonic Cathedral sale of Dean Wareham CDs and cassettes

Dean Wareham’s UK label, Sonic Cathedral, currently has a sale on with some discounted Dean Wareham releases:

Cassette: Dean Wareham – Live At St Pancras Old Church £5
CD: Dean Wareham – Dean Wareham £5
CD: Dean Wareham – Emancipated Hearts £5

… and also, featuring Dean and Britta:
CD: Cheval Sombre – Mad Love £2.50
CD: Cheval Sombre – Cheval Sombre;2.50

Look out also for some other fab bargains from the likes of Gulp, Lorelle Meets the Obsolete and Neil Halstead.

Dean Wareham’s Indietracks set available to download on Dimeadozen

Dean Wareham live...
Dean Wareham’s wonderful set at this year’s Indietracks festival is now being seeded on bittorrent site Dimeadozen.

Dimeadozen: Dean Wareham – Indietracks Festival, Derbyshire, 26th July 2014

Dean Wareham
Indietracks Festival
Engine Shed Stage (indoors)
Midland Railway Centre
Swanwick Junction
26th July 2014

Lineage: Sound Pros SP-CMC-8 cardioid mics>Sound Pros Battery Box>Sony PCM-M10 (line-in, 24 bit, 44.1kHz)
Transfer: Sony PCM-M10> usb > wav > Soundforge 9.0 (Selective hard limiting, Normalise,
Fade-in/fade-out, 16 bit 44.1kHz)>CD Wave (Track splits)>FLAC>mp3tagv2.55a (Tag Flacs)

1.Emancipated Hearts
2.When Will You Come Home
3.The Dancer Disappears
4.Holding Pattern
6.Love Is Not
7.Decomposing Trees
9.Blue Thunder
10.Babes In The Wood
12.Fourth Of July

Recorded at barrier next to right hand stack. This was another great performance by Dean Wareham and band, very pleased how the recording has come out.

While you’re there you may as well grab the Joanna Gruesome set in which Dean guested on Tugboat…

Dimeadozen: Joanna Gruesome – Indietracks Festival, Derbyshire, 26th July 2014

Dean Wareham performs with Big Star Third

Dean Wareham is one of the guest performers at the Los Angeles presentation of a live performance of the classic Big Star albums Third and #1 Record at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre. The event is a benefit for the Autism Think Tank and will take place on September 27.

The show, Big Star Third, has been playing at various venues over the last couple of years with different guest performers at each venue joining the core band featuring Big Star original member, Jody Stephens, and a chamber orchestra. Among the other guests are Aimee Mann, Jason Schwartzman and Sarabeth Tucek.

Tickets and details here.

Here’s Jody Stephens singing Blue Moon

Happy birthday Dean Wareham (2014 edition)

Dean Wareham with Sergio Huidor filming the video for When Will You Come Home
Dean Wareham with Sergio Huidor filming the video for When Will You Come Home

Happy birthday Dean! Smile
MP3: Dean Wareham – Smile

Dean Wareham – Heartless People (WFUV)

Dean Wareham
Dean Wareham by Chris Gersbeck, on Flickr

I’ve had this screencap saved for weeks to use for Dean’s birthday blog post… and then forgot – so… Happy Birthday to Dean Wareham – the rabbit.

Justin and Dean (MTV 1994)

Happy 50th Birthday Dean Wareham
Happy birthday Dean Wareham (2012)
Happy birthday Dean Wareham (2010)
Happy Birthday Dean Wareham (2009)
Happy Birthday Dean Wareham (2008)
Happy Birthday Dean Wareham (2007)