The annual Indietracks comp has just been released

Indietracks release a compilation album of acts appearing at the festival every year and this year’s has just been released. For a couple of quid you can have an amazing 56 track album (!!) which not only includes Dean Wareham’s splendid Everly Brothers cover Living Too Close to the Ground, but in amongst the shedload of other brilliant music you’ll find Joann Gruesome’s also splendid cover of Galaxie 500′s Tugboat. Now how is that not amazing value.

Also it’ll make you want to go to Indietracks, and astonishingly I believe there are still tickets available.

Join me there!

Originals: Time by Nancy Sinatra (covered by Cagney & Lacee)

Wekker voor anti-conceptiepil / Alarm clock for birth control pills
I’m taking a guess that Dean Wareham most likely came to Time by Nancy Sinatra’s version… I know I did. All my (admittedly rather slack) research has revealed that Time songwriter Michael Merchant wrote Time. And that’s about it. A few folk recorded in 1966, including…
Time – Nancy Sinatra (1966)

Time – Cher (1966)

Time – Carol Deene (1967)

Time – Glen Campbell (1969)

Dean Wareham’s side project Cagney and Lacee recorded the sonmg for a single on Terry Tolkin’s No.6 Records in 1995
MP3: Time – Cagney and Lacee (1995)

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Full Indietracks Festival schedule announced

Indietracks Festival has just announced the full schedule for this year’s festival. Dean Wareham will be headlining the indoor stage on the Saturday evening.

A few other things a quick skim has noticed…
Joanna Gruesome will be on the indoor stage right before Dean which gives the exciting prospect of two Tugboats in 90 minutes!

Watoo Watoo are playing in the church on Sunday afternoon.

The whole festival will be amazing, but Saturday looks absolutely exhausting!

Here’s Dean the last time he played a UK festival, Truck in 2011.

The shuttle to Indietracks

Video: Some recent Dean Wareham performances

Dean Wareham – Ceremony live at The Crocodile in Seattle on 28th June 2014

Dean Wareham – 23 Minutes in Brussels at The Bunk Bar in Portland 26th June 2014

Dean Wareham – The Dancer Disappears at The Bunk Bar in Portland 26th June 2014

Dean Wareham – Indian Summer at The Chapel in San Francisco 20th June 2014

Extracurricular: Dean Wareham on the new LP by The Vacant Lots

"Guitars on Tomorrow by Dean Wareham #thevacantlots #deanwareham #vinyl #lp #record
Guitars on Departure by Dean Wareham

Sonic Cathedral are releasing the new LP by The Vacant Lots next week. The album, Departure, features Dean Wareham on guitars on the track Tomorrow.

You can order the LP direct from Sonic Cathedral, or from all the usual suspects and initial copies from certain outlets will have a free bonus CD of singles, remixes and demos.

Buy Departure by The Vacant Lots from Amazon UK
Buy Departure by The Vacant Lots from Amazon US

The Vacant Lots are touring the UK from Saturday with The Brian Jonestown Massacre. They also play a launch event for the album on Monday at The Social in London. Vacant Lots - Departure poster