Dean Wareham performs with Big Star Third

Dean Wareham is one of the guest performers at the Los Angeles presentation of a live performance of the classic Big Star albums Third and #1 Record at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre. The event is a benefit for the Autism Think Tank and will take place on September 27.

The show, Big Star Third, has been playing at various venues over the last couple of years with different guest performers at each venue joining the core band featuring Big Star original member, Jody Stephens, and a chamber orchestra. Among the other guests are Aimee Mann, Jason Schwartzman and Sarabeth Tucek.

Tickets and details here.

Here’s Jody Stephens singing Blue Moon

Happy birthday Dean Wareham (2014 edition)

Dean Wareham with Sergio Huidor filming the video for When Will You Come Home
Dean Wareham with Sergio Huidor filming the video for When Will You Come Home

Happy birthday Dean! Smile
MP3: Dean Wareham – Smile

Dean Wareham – Heartless People (WFUV)

Dean Wareham
Dean Wareham by Chris Gersbeck, on Flickr

I’ve had this screencap saved for weeks to use for Dean’s birthday blog post… and then forgot – so… Happy Birthday to Dean Wareham – the rabbit.

Justin and Dean (MTV 1994)

Happy 50th Birthday Dean Wareham
Happy birthday Dean Wareham (2012)
Happy birthday Dean Wareham (2010)
Happy Birthday Dean Wareham (2009)
Happy Birthday Dean Wareham (2008)
Happy Birthday Dean Wareham (2007)

Video: Dean Wareham at KEXP

Last month, while in Seattle, Dean Wareham played a live session for KEXP. The complete session is now on YouTube for your enjoyment, plus there are a stack of photos from the session on Flickr.

Video: Dean Wareham – The Dancer Disappears (live on KEXP)

Video: Dean Wareham – Holding Pattern (live on KEXP)

Video: Dean Wareham – Happy and Free (live on KEXP)

Video: Dean Wareham – Ceremony (Joy Division cover – live on KEXP)

Photos: Dean Wareham at KEXP on Flickr

Dean Wareham at Indietracks round-up

Dean Wareham live...
Photo by Christoph!

Pictures: Christoph!’s pictures on Flickr
Words: Christoph’s review (German)

Dean Wareham at Indietracks
Photo by me

Pictures: My pictures on Flickr
Words: My Indietracks write-up

Video of the storming set closer, Fourth of July

Photo by acb

Words: Festival write-up in the Derby Telegraph

Update 2014-08-06:
Video of Dean performing a verse of Tugboat with Joanna Gruesome

There’s another version from the other side of the stage over here.
You can download the whole of Joanna Gruesome’s set over on DIME.

Video of Dean Warehama and band playing The Dancer Disappears

Drowned in Sound has a review of the weekend that pretty much nails Dean’s Saturday night set…

Wareham then returns for a set largely consisting of relics from his back catalogue and it’s possibly the highlight of the entire weekend. Sounding in good voice, the likes of ‘Snowstorm’, ‘When Will You Come Home’ and ‘Strange’ genuinely reduce grown men to tears, whilst ‘Fourth Of July’ orchestrates the closest thing to a mosh pit Indietracks will ever see.

Dean Wareham at Indietracks

Dean Wareham at Indietracks 2014

We loaded the car and headed off for day two of Indietracks, this time heading to the main entrance of the site so that we could deliver Dean’s guitar, rug and a box of merchandise. This was duly stashed in a small railway building come bookshop that was to be Dean Wareham HQ for the day, and Hazel and I headed out into the sweltering heat to mill gently around the loveliest of all festivals.

A ride on a miniature train, a box full of gorgeous curry, and a couple of bands watched we bumped into Dean and band settling into their room and chatted briefly before heading heading off for more music. We had positioned ourselves in the tin church to see Laura J Martin, but the heat drove me out after a couple of songs, Hazel was made of hardier stuff. Outside I met Dean again and Michael and Pascale of Watoo Watoo (who are playing the festival on Sunday).

More band watching, more eating, some looking at owls and parrots, and some beer (for Hazel and as we’re heading off to the main stage to see Spook School we bump into Dean (again) heading to the indoor stage and discover that he’ll be doing a short guest spot singing “that song” with Joanna Gruesome. We watched a couple of Spook School songs and then Hazel headed off to see Nat Johnson in the church and I headed to the shed to see Joanna Gruesome.

Dean Wareham with Joanna Gruesome at Indietracks
Dean Wareham with Joanna Gruesome

Joanna Gruesome’s set was riddled with technical hitches and by the time these were fixed they were looking a little less full of Indietracks-spirit, although they still stormed through a lively set as best they could. Dean joined them to sing a verse of Tugboat which was splendid, although the band performance lacked a little of the vibrancy that there performances usually have. Maybe because of the technical problems or maybe because of the guest star’s unrehearsed appearance.

Dean and band were scheduled on stage after Joanna Gruesome, so after a bit of fresh air I positioned myself at the front of the stage and watched them set up and sound-check.
One last picture before I crawl off to bed. Dean Wareham at @indietracks
Dean’s set was splendid, it opened with Emancipated Hearts and then worked through a wonderful, Galaxie 500 heavy set in the sweltering heat of the Indietracks engine shed… “might be the hottest show I’ve played… and I’ve been around” speculated Dean.

Wrapping up the set with a sparkling Tugboat (best version of the day!) and a storming Fourth of July, the crowd in the shed, that had filled up nicely for the show, were completely blown away. No encore, I think the fantastic finish and the incredible heat made for the perfect end and a relieved and invigorated audience filed out into the cool breeze.

Dean Wareham at Indietracks 2014
Dean Wareham at Indietracks 2014
Dean Wareham at Indietracks 2014
Dean Wareham at Indietracks 2014
Dean Wareham at Indietracks 2014