Originals: Friday I’m in Love by The Cure (covered by Dean & Britta)

This one slipped through the net way back in the Fs, so here’s a bonus this week. Friday I’m in Love was the second single from The Cure’s 1992 album Wish. According to Wikipedia this toe-curling dogs breakfast of a video won “Best Music Video” at the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards (I guess that may say more about the 90s than about the video itself? Or maybe more about what I find toe-curling.)

Dean and Britta covered the track for a 2008 tribute album Just Like Heaven.

Originals: White Horses by Jacky (covered by Dean and Britta)

Radio Times scan lifted from this White Horses site

White Horses was written by Michael Carr and Ben Nisbett for the UK import of Yugoslavian/German TV show Ferien in Lipizza, it was credited to “Jacky”, who is actually Jackie Lee. The theme song was so successful that it was apparently dubbed back onto non-English versions of the show.

Dean & Britta covered the song on their second album, Back Numbers, in 2007.

Later that year Sonic Cathedral Records released a seven inch single with a Sonic Boom remix of the track and a “version Française”
MP3: Dean & Britta – White Horses (version Française)

The single has sold out but you can get the Sonic Boom remix on Cathedral Classics Vol 1 for a couple of quid – which is quite the bargain!

Here’s a live version recorded for the World Cafe in 2007
MP3: Dean & Britta – White Horses (live on WXPN, 8th March 2007)

The song has been covered by a hatful of cool folk, most of whom you can find in this post on Everything’s Swirling.

Originals: We’re Not Supposed to Be Lovers by Adam Green (covered by Dean and Britta)

E. River
Adam Green’s original of We’re Not Supposed to be Lovers was released on his second solo album “friends of Mine” in 2003.

Dean & Britta’s cover appeared on their Words You Used to Say EP in 2008
MP3: Dean & Britta – We’re Not Supposed to be Lovers

Here’s a live version recorded at a secret gig in Copenhagen in 2007:

MP3: Dean & Britta – We’re Not Supposed to be Lovers (live in Copenhagen)

And here’s a sweet blurry video of that show

Originals: Teen Angel by Donovan (covered by Dean and Britta)

Miss Gertrude Powys as The Angel in the pantomime Sleeping Beauty at the Theatre Royal, 1886 / photographer J. T. Gorus, Sydney
And Donovan turns up for his third appearance in “Originals” – Teen Angel was the b-side of his classic 45 Hurdy Gurdy Man in 1968.

Dean & Britta’s cover was released on their second album, Back Numbers, in 2007

MP3: Dean & Britta – Teen Angel

And that’s pretty much all I know.

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Happy birthday Britta Phillips

Britta Phillips
Happy birthday Britta.

So far this year Britta has been Dean’s bass player, made a cameo in forthcoming movie of Jem and the Holograms, and is hopefully wrapping up the album that was delayed by the untimely passing of producer Scott Hardkiss

Here’s Britta’s lovely cover of Spectrum’s How You Satisfy Me from Club AC30′s Never Lose That Feeling, vol 2

MP3: Britta Phillips – How You Satisfy Me (Spectrum cover)

Next up here she is adding vocals to Some Things Last a Long Time from last year’s splendid Füxa album The Electric Sounds of Summer.

Here’s her and Dean in last year’s Frances Ha
Dean and Britta in Frances Ha

Lots more MP3 downloads in last years birthday post

And here’s 2011′s birthday greeting.

Have a lovely day Britta! Treat yourself to an egg…