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Damon & Ben Chasny backing Elisa Ambrogio @invisiblemotor

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A few bits and pieces to catch up on what Damon has been doing when he’s not being part of Damon & Naomi.

Damon’s working on a non-fiction book – “The New Analog” which I guess has grown out of this Pitchfork piece from last year.

In other words, mapping ourselves via headphones or GPS can lead to disorientation. Without analog clues to guide location, the world becomes an Alice-in-Wonderland-like place where signs pointing north nonetheless lead south, and sounds come from the left or right but never straight ahead.

He’s also written a piece recently for Pitchfork making “the case against subwoofers”:

To my ears, the bass boosting of Beats and of home theater systems designed to mimic reality for movies and games doesn’t translate to a “real” experience of music. But my idea of real is based on the experience of physical instruments, acoustic and electric. And perhaps the reality of music itself has undergone a change.

It’s definitely worth following Damon on Twitter for insightful commentary on all aspects of the music biz… and beyond

… and keeping an eye on his blog.

And for all this and more Damon has a new website – DadaDrummer.com.

Video: Damon & Naomi playing The North Light in London

The North Light

Rough Trade have posted a very lovely clip of Damon & Naomi performing The North Light from their recent performance at London’s Rough Trade East. Sadly the video has embedding disabled so you’ll have to head over to Vimeo to see it – it is very well worth the click though.

Video: Damon & Naomi – The North Light live at Rough Trade East – 9th April 2015

You can see a few of my pictures from the show on Flickr.

Naomi Yang

Damon and Naomi play Fortune at Rough Trade East

Naomi Yang

On Thursday I took the day off work to see Damon and Naomi’s lunchtime show at Rough Trade East in London, this was the third and final show of a short UK tour. The shows are in support of their new album Fortune, which was released in February and is the soundtrack to Naomi’s short film of the same name that received its premiere on their last UK tour back in May of last year.

We arrived shortly before the start, the small area in front of the stage had filled up quite nicely by the time the duo took to the stage. They opened with a couple of covers – Tim Buckley’s Song to the Siren and Yoko Ono’s Listen The Snow is Falling. Damon then introduced the main event – a performance of Fortune – Damon pointed out that the fact that the album is the same length as Pink Moon is no coincidence, and so were to be treated to eleven tracks and 28’22” of music.

The film is hypnotic, almost a collection of moving photographs with a story that Damon suggested we may need to build ourselves. The album is beautiful, and works perfectly well without the film, but seeing it accompanying the pictures is certainly special – although maybe standing at the back of a record shop isn’t the perfect venue – although it worked better than you might think.

The film finished, the show was over. A nice chat with Naomi afterwards and then headed out into daylight to grab a coffee.

You can view the film on Naomivision.
You can buy the album on CD or LP from Damon and Naomi’s web store.
You can stream and buy a digital copy of Fortune from Damon and Naomi’s bandcamp.

Damon Krukowski

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