Apr 232014
Originals: Since I Lay My Burden Down by Michael Holland (covered by Dean & Britta)

Since I Lay My Burden Down was written by Michael Holland and released on his 2005 album Tomorrow’s American Treasures. Sell music on Amazon at ReverbNation.com Dean & Britta’s cover appeared on their Words You Used to Say EP in 2006 MP3: Dean & Britta – Since I Lay My Burden Down Michael Holland also [...]

Apr 162014
Originals: Season of the Witch by Donovan (covered by Luna)

Donovan wrote Season of the Witch for his 1966 LP Sunshine Superman, it helped weed out the Dylan copyist stuff that Pennebaker had planted in Don’t Look Back. Here’s a live version from French TV in 1967 Luna’s version was recorded during the Penthouse sessions and was first heard on the soundtrack of 1996 film [...]

Apr 092014

OK, I know that Sally Free & Easy wasn’t originally by Trees. It was written in the 1950s by English folk singer and songwriter Cyril Tawney, but I can’t help but think that the Magic Hour version was more likely a cover of the track as recorded by the English folk band Trees for their [...]

Apr 022014
Originals: Ride Into the Sun by The Velvet Underground (covered by Luna)

Ride Into the Sun never made it onto any of The Velvet Underground’s official releases until, I believe, their posthumous Another View compilation was released in 1986, the version on that was an istrumental version recorded in 1969, an earlier version, with vocals, had turned up on the 1993 Australian box set, and an out-take [...]