Happy birthday to Jonathan Richman

Jonathan Richman en Montevideo

His voice sounds like he has a cold. He sings like he’s singing each line for the first time — the phrasing is striking, you feel like you are standing with him as a particular thought occurs.

Happy birthday to the wonderful Jonathan Richman whose shadow looms large over A Head Full of Wishes, more of that down the page – but first here’s a lovely clip of the great man himself – Joanthan Richman and The Modern Lovers – I’m Just Beginning to Live

Have a great day Jojo. I love your chimes… they reel and they rock.

MP3: Galaxie 500 – Back in Your Life (Jonathan Richman cover – live at The Middle East, Cambridge, MA – 19th March 1988)

MP3: Galaxie 500 – Don’t Let Our Youth Go to Waste (Jonathan Richman cover – live at Subteranea, London – 13th December 1989)

Dean & Britta

Originals: Back in Your Life by Jonathan Richman (covered by Galaxie 500)
Originals: Fly Into The Mystery by Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers (covered by Luna)
Originals: Don’t Let Our Youth Go to Waste by Jonathan Richman (covered by Galaxie 500)
Originals: Dance With Me by The Modern Lovers (covered by Luna)

Dean & Britta talk Luna on the Little Squares podcast

Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips are guests for a lengthy interview on episode 6 of The Little Squares Culture Crush podcast – covering the Luna reunion, the state of the music industry, social media and the tightness of trousers.


Monday morning with @deanwareham and the lovely @britta_phillips to record @thelittlesquares #culturecrush podcast and talk all things LUNA tour on Instagram

Audio: Lost tracks: Mr Jealousy Luna Suite by Luna

As another Noah Baumbach movie is hitting cinemas this weekend here’s a related Luna obscurity. Dean first worked with Noah Baumbach on his 1997 film Mr Jealousy and has been involved in some capacity or another with most of his subsequent work.

MP3: Mr Jealousy Suite – Luna

A couple of years back Dean interviewed Noah for Salon and talked about their work togther.

Mr Jealousy poster

Actually it’s not that obscure because you can pick up Mr. Jealousy: Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack from Amazon for peanuts.

See also:
Originals: Jealous Guy by John Lennon (covered by Luna)
Dean Wareham’s extracurricular activities 2 (film version)

This night, ten years ago – Luna’s last waltz

Luna NYC 050228

Luna played their last show ten years ago tonight – here’s how it ended…

luna's last

I kept asking myself, “How do you feel?” I should have felt sad, right? And I was sad, but also knew that I was ready for all this to be over. We played “Indian Summer” for the very last time, and I thought, we’re playing this for the last tim e. I had always enjoyed listening to Sean’s beautiful guitar solo, the way he bent certain notes on his Jazzmaster. Tonight I moved stage left, so I could hear it better. Then I counted down to the end, the two notes that go back and forth all through the song, and we were done playing that particular song…

Dean Wareham – Black Postcards

MP3: Luna – Indian Summer (2005-02-28 – Bowery Ballroom, NYC)

… and launched into “23 Minutes in Brussels,” which builds to a pounding climax but then falls apart softly and slowly. We exited the stage, and it was a relief to be walking upstairs, knowing that we would not be back the very next night

Dean Wareham – Black Postcards

MP3: Luna – 23 Minutes in Brussels (2005-02-28 – Bowery Ballroom, NYC)

Luna, final show, after party


Luna will be back, they’re playing a comeback show in Los Angeles in April (that apparently sold out in about seven minutes!) before heading off for a fortnight in Spain (and one night in Portugal – where you’ll find me), and then playing some more3 dates around the US (and hopefully elsewhere) during the summer and autumn.

Keep your eyes on A Head Full of Wishes for the dates as they break!

“We shouldn’t do this but we’re going to” – a kazootastic cover of Lou Reed’s Walk on the Wild Side by Luna

Picture lifted without permission from Lew Stringer’s comic blog Blimey!

Just sorting through the chaos that is my hard drive and came across this lovely cover of Lou Reed’s Walk on the Wild Side covered by Luna in San Francisco in 1995:

We shouldn’t do this but we’re going to

Enjoy it… I did.

MP3: Luna – Walk on the Wild Side (1995-10-16: Slims, San Francisco, CA, USA)