Originals: Whispering Pines by The Band (covered by Damon and Naomi)

Whispering Pines was written by The Band’s Richard Manuel (with Robbie Robertson) and released on their second album (The Band) in 1969:

Damon & Naomi’s cover was released on their second album The Wondrous World of Damon & Naomi in 1995. This is the version that appeared on The Bootleg Edition a couple of years back:

Originals: While My Guitar Gently Weeps by The Beatles (covered by Damon and Naomi)

Rutherford Chang: We Buy White Albums
George Harrison’s While My Guitar Gently Weeps was originally released by The Beatles on The Beatles (aka The White Album) in 1968

There’s an early demo version on Anthology 3

Rolling Stone reckoned it was the 10th greatest Beatles song Ian MacDonald in the brilliant Revolution in the Head, wasn’t particularly taken with the track (but then he wasn’t often impressed with George’s songs):

… as a whole the track exudes a browbeating self importance that quickly becomes tiresome [...]. While My Guitar Gently Weeps enshrines, in its plodding sequence, rocks typical overstatement and slow rate of harmonic change. The energetic topicality of pop is here supplanted by a dull grandiosity predictive of the simplified stadium music of the Seventies and Eighties.

Damon and Naomi’s version was released on their fifth album The Earth is Blue in 2005 and includes the slightly different lyrics from the Anthology version .

Naomi Yang’s ‘Fortune’ to play at Pop Montreal in September

Naomi Yang’s lovely silent film ‘Fortune’ is showing in Montreal in September as part of the Pop Montreal International Music Festival. The film, with a live accompaniment of eleven new songs by Damon & Naomi, will be screened at Film BOX (Quartiers POP) on the 19th September.

Damon & Naomi performing ‘Fortune’ in London in May

Originals: We’re Not Supposed to Be Lovers by Adam Green (covered by Dean and Britta)

E. River
Adam Green’s original of We’re Not Supposed to be Lovers was released on his second solo album “friends of Mine” in 2003.

Dean & Britta’s cover appeared on their Words You Used to Say EP in 2008
MP3: Dean & Britta – We’re Not Supposed to be Lovers

Here’s a live version recorded at a secret gig in Copenhagen in 2007:

MP3: Dean & Britta – We’re Not Supposed to be Lovers (live in Copenhagen)

And here’s a sweet blurry video of that show