Friday recycling: Fourth of July = Galaxie 500 day

Galaxie 500 gets radio play on:
Days when it snows
The Fourth of July
Today is the latter of those so here’s some Galaxie 500 to help you celebrate the Fourth of July

MP3: Galaxie 500 – Fourth of July (live at The Kennel Club in 1990)

MP3: Luna – Fourth of July (live in San Francisco in 1994)

MP3: Dean & Britta – Fourth of July (live in NYC in 2008)

Here’s the official video…

… and of course, here’s what the kids made of the video (“the lyrics was… discombobulated”)

… they liked it better than they liked Sonic Youth (“I would suggest to them… try out a different singer for once”)!

MP3: Clare’s Club – Fourth of July Still Plays in My Heart

The Empire State Building is no bigger than a nickel
A dog ignoring “poem” written on a dog biscuit

I believe some of you might celebrate with fireworks, which I guess makes you an even bigger fan than me. Have a happy and safe Galaxie 500 day.

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