Originals: Rain by The Beatles (covered by Galaxie 500)

Paperback Writer
Rain was one of the Lennon Lennon/McCartney compositions and was released as the b-side of Paperback Writer in the 1966.

As a b-side the band rather surprisingly made three promotional films for it, this one was made round the corner from me in Chiswick House

The Beatles – Rain

Galaxie 500’s cover was a live version recorded at CBGB’s in 1989 and appeared on a 7″ released by Caff records.

You can download this with Don’t Let Our Youth Go To Waste which frankly makes it probably the best value our there!

Thank you, thank you to the soundman

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One thought on “Originals: Rain by The Beatles (covered by Galaxie 500)”

  1. For those who weren’t around in those heady days of the 60s, here is a brief history of The Beatles.

    The Beatles were an English pop quartet of the 60’s who set the foot of the world a tapping with their catchy melodies, wacky Liverpool humor and zany off the wall antics, epitomized by their films “A Hard Day’s Night” and “HELP!” John and Paul, the acknowledged leaders of the group were perfectly complemented by George, the quiet one, and Ringo, the noisy one, to form a heart warming, cheeky, lovable, talented, non-Jewish group who gladdened the hearts of the world, all the while wearing very tight revealing trousers. In 1960 they played the Cavern, after that they spent several months in Hamburg, and upon their return in 1963 they released their first single, “Twist and Shout.”

    The Beatles went on to be a legend in their own lunchtime, which was fine for as long as it lasted. But trouble was brewing on the horizon, with money pouring in, the boys decided it would be a brilliant idea to share some of their wealth, embrace the concept of Flower Power and lend a hand to hopeful undiscovered artists. While this sounded good in theory, things began going badly when they actually started their own business, known as Apple Corps. The idea was for people to help themselves … unfortunately people helped themselves to Apple Corps’ money for years, and in the end things got so bad within the group that John and Paul got married. Apple Corps started losing more money than the British Government … and at the last meeting of Apple Corps, 134 lawyers and accountants filed into a small 8 by 10 room … at the end of this meeting, only 87 surfaced alive. Savile Row had taken its toll on the best merchant banking brains of a generation, luckily that was not too serious. However during the legal wrangling and public bickering “Let It Be” was released as a film, record and a lawsuit. In December 1970 John sued Paul and George; Ringo sued John; Paul sued John and George; and Ringo sued himself accidentally. It was truly the end of an era.

    Much the same can be said of Galaxie 500, though without the money pouring in. Nevertheless, Dean Wareham, in tight white jeans and tee shirt, would slice off lyrics from a flaming pie in another part of the universe, then float them back in a tugboat to Damon, the quiet one filled with sly antics, and Naomi the artistic visionary, who’s jangling earrings would become the stuff of legend.

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