Damon & Naomi announce ‘Fortune’ – a new silent film project

Still from Naomi Yang’s ‘Fortune’ with Anabel Vázquez Rodríguez

Over on facebook this afternoon Damon & Naomi announced details of “Fortune” a short silent film directed by Naomi Yang. The film features Norman von Holtzendorff and Anabel Vázquez Rodríguez and will be presented with a live soundtrack of eleven new songs performed by the duo.

Synopsis:Norman’s father was a society portrait painter. After his father’s death, Norman faces the burden of inheriting his father’s life’s work. He struggles with conflicting feelings about a man who was a gifted artist, but a difficult and unsupportive father. In this emotional journey Norman reconnects with his own artistic nature, something that had not been possible while his father was alive – finally emerging from his father’s shadow, and the shadow of his grief.

Damon & Naomi are also looking for opportunities to stage the show:

Looking like a possible debut for our new silent film with live soundtrack in UK/Euro, mid-May – write us any ideas/offers! Time is short but let’s see what we can pull together.

Contact: al@damonandnaomi.com

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