Originals: I Wonder If I Care as Much by The Everly Brothers (covered by Damon & Naomi)

And following on from the previous post… I also wasn’t going to include tracks that had not had an official release (although I have already bent this rule at least once) so this lovely cover of I Wonder If I Care as Much by Damon & Naomi wouldn’t have been included either – but once again Phil Everly’s passing has forced my hand.

The Everly Brothers in 1970

I Wonder If I Care as Much was, like Living Too Close to the Ground, also appeared on the boys 1968 album Roots, although had originally been recorded in 1957 as the b-side of Bye Bye Love.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w70F7N_Wd5g]

Damon & Naomi covered it in 2007 for a La blogothèque video session and it is certainly a cover of the 1968 version.

#49.1 – Damon & Naomi – I wonder if / Oh sister by lablogotheque

RIP Phil Everly

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