Dean Wareham North American tour dates and new video for Emancipated Hearts

Dean Wareham has just posted the dates for a short tour of North America in the spring on his facebook page

This will be with a 4-piece band playing songs from the new LP and of course songs from the Galaxie 500 and Luna catalogue

Date Artist Venue
28-30th March 2014 Dean Wareham Big Ears Festival, Knoxville, TN, USA Two shoes, one Dean Wareham and one 13 Most Beautiful – dates unconfirmed
1st April 2014 Dean Wareham The Earl, Atlanta, GA, USA
3rd April 2014 Dean Wareham Cat’s Cradle Back Room, Carrboro, NC, USA
4th April 2014 Dean Wareham U Street, Washington DC, USA Early show
5th April 2014 Dean Wareham Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY, USA
6th April 2014 Dean Wareham Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia, PA, USA
9th April 2014 Dean Wareham Horseshoe, Toronto, Canada
10th April 2014 Dean Wareham Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI, USA
11th April 2014 Dean Wareham Old Town School of Music, Chicago, IL, USA early show
11th April 2014 Dean Wareham Old Town School of Music, Chicago, IL, USA late show
12th April 2014 Dean Wareham Turf Club, Saint Paul, MN, USA

Debra Scherer of The Little Squares has posted a new video for “Emancipated Hearts” shot mostly at the Bell House in Brooklyn and the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood. Sadly embedding has been disabled it so head over to Vimeo and watch it there.

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