New Dean Wareham single released and available now

Scan of the Love is Colder Than Death sleeve
Love is Colder Than Death sleeve
Dean Wareham has just released his first solo single since Anesthesia in 1992. “Love is Colder Than Death” is released on Sonic Cathedral records and is available as a clear vinyl 7″ single or a digital download. The single is backed with Dean’s cover of Cheval Sombre’s “She Went Walking In The Rain.”
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The single is the first track taken from Dean’s first solo LP “Emancipated Hearts” which will be released on Sonic Cathedral in November. The album was produced by Jason Quever of Papercuts

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Head over to Pitchfork to hear the new single and then head to Sonic Cathedral’s website to buy the 7″ or to iTunes to download it.

Sleeve (front)
Sleeve (front)
Sleeve (back)
Sleeve (back)
Disc (A)
Disc A
Disc (B)
Disc B

One thought on “New Dean Wareham single released and available now”

  1. Not since “Anesthesia,” and that was more years ago than I care to remember, have we been treated to a 7″ single by Dean Wareham [late of Galaxie 500, Luna, and now as Dean & Britta]. Back then the song was released on yellow vinyl, this time around it’s clear, and be that as it may, the streetwise hipster delivers a delicious piece of music, channeling a bit of Lee Hazelwood and Lou Reed, unveiling a sound that’s both familiar and comfortable [one of Dean’s greatest attributes], yet leaves you scratching your head, wondering why this new tune seems to have been dancing around your ears for so long.

    “Love Is Colder Than Death” is a romantically self-indulgent shuffling little number, typifying the introspective nature of gazing into one’s own reflection while window shopping, and having the complexities of the universe instantly understandable … and that understanding gone, just as quickly. Dean has a penchant for making the uncomfortable warm and cuddly, though when asked, he said that the song was inspired by “… epic journeys and happy returns,” which is pretty much what all the good songs by Dean Wareham do.

    On a side note: The title was taken from a Rainer Werner Fassbinder film by the same name, of which Wareham said, “It’s not a great film, but is a memorable title.” The B-Side, “She Went Walking In The Rain” was written by Cheval Sombre and Sonic Boom, with both songs appearing on his upcoming Emancipated Hearts solo album due out in October of 2013.

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