Originals: Dream Baby Dream by Suicide (covered by Luna)

Suicide – Dream Baby Dream

Suicide – Dream Baby Dream (live)

Luna – Dream Baby Dream

Dean with Angel Corpus Christi and Suicide’s Alan Vega (photo ht)

Luna never often played this live, my database has only one known performance (although I don’t have too many setlists from the 90s). So here are Luna playing Dream Baby Dream at the Mercury Lounge in NYC in 1996
MP3: Luna – Dream Baby Dream (live 1996-07-21 – Mercury Lounge)

Here’s another Luna connection…
Suicide – 23 Minutes over Brussels

And just because I don’t often get a chance to post a pic of Lemmy to this blog – here he is with Alan Vega (another photo by ht used without permission!)

Everything’s Swirling: One shot: Dream Baby Dream

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