Audio: Lost tracks: Tell Me Do You Miss Me

In amongst all the Luna music in the film Tell Me Do You Miss Me were a number of specially composed pieces by each of the band members and here they are, ripped from the DVD for your listening pleasure

MP3: Darkness – Lee Wall


MP3: Jack’s Theme – Dean & Britta

Jack’s Theme

MP3: Spanish Odyssey – Sean Eden

Spanish Odyssey

Thanks to a antwang in the comments for spotting that the full version of Spanish Odyssey is available on Sean’s web site

MP3: London Theme – Britta Phillips

London Theme

MP3: Snow Drive – Sean Eden

Snow Drive

4 thoughts on “Audio: Lost tracks: Tell Me Do You Miss Me”

  1. Another clip from TMDYMM that rates up there is Eden’s lovely solo from Still At Home. I think I ripped it as a mp3 from the DVD and sent it to you in early 2007. While not a “specially composed piece”, it does serve as a segue during the film. Another nice one is the sound check of This Time Around Dean and Britta perform (and I was lucky enough to be at that venue to see them perform that track!). Cheers and thanks for the posts.

  2. Nice! Thanks Andy. Had always wanted to do this myself. I think I have a full version of Britta’s London theme floating around somewhere that was probably posted about the time the film was released. I’ll have to dig around and see if I can find it. Isn’t it about time for a Blu-ray upgrade for this?

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