Audio: Lost tracks: Tell Me Do You Miss Me

In amongst all the Luna music in the film Tell Me Do You Miss Me were a number of specially composed pieces by each of the band members and here they are, ripped from the DVD for your listening pleasure

MP3: Darkness – Lee Wall


MP3: Jack’s Theme – Dean & Britta

Jack’s Theme

MP3: Spanish Odyssey – Sean Eden

Spanish Odyssey

Thanks to a antwang in the comments for spotting that the full version of Spanish Odyssey is available on Sean’s web site

MP3: London Theme – Britta Phillips

London Theme

MP3: Snow Drive – Sean Eden

Snow Drive


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3 thoughts on “Audio: Lost tracks: Tell Me Do You Miss Me

  1. Nice! Thanks Andy. Had always wanted to do this myself. I think I have a full version of Britta’s London theme floating around somewhere that was probably posted about the time the film was released. I’ll have to dig around and see if I can find it. Isn’t it about time for a Blu-ray upgrade for this?

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