Extracurricular activities: Dean & Britta & Cheval Sombre

Cheval Sombre (facebook), who’s first, self-titled, album was released on Dean & Britta’s Double Feature Records is about to release his second album, Mad Love. The album comes out in November on lovely indie Sonic Cathedral and again has substantial contributions from Dean and Britta, as well as members of MGMT, and is co-produced by Sonic Boom.

Sonic Cathedral’s blog post about the release
NME gave the album its Radar Tip of the Day.

Here are a few reminders of Dean & Britta’s previous involvement with Cheval Sombre

Mary Woronov's screen test with Dean & Britta's cover of Cheval Sombre's I Found it Not So - from 13 Most Beautiful
Cheval Sombre with Dean & Britta and Sonic Boom in London (2009)

Great set of photos of Cheval Sombre with Dean & Britta and Sonic Boom at Death By Audio in Brooklyn in 2009 (sadly with embedding disabled so you’ll have to head over to flickr to see them all).

Christopher Porpora (Cheval Sombre) & Dean Wareham

In other Extracurricular activities news Dean & Britta also turn up on the forthcoming album by Gryphon Rue Good Mourning, Short Companions – you can listen to most of it (including the track with Dean & Britta) over at his website.

2 thoughts on “Extracurricular activities: Dean & Britta & Cheval Sombre”

  1. The weather’s shifted here in New Mexico, the nights have started to chill, the mountains are washed in a morphing haze of purples and oranges by the long fingers of the setting sun, and the blackness of velvet nights are punctuated with stars and planets hanging there, just out of reach, begging to be plucked from the ether. It’s on these emotional wings of change that Cheval Sombre’s new release Mad Love feathers its way into the mystery of my being, rapturing my soul, and staggering my breath with his musical intoxications.

    Mad Love is expansive, there are no songs that exist on their own, each element has been carefully and cleverly arranged for an inner-dependency. Mad Love stands as a singular eternal moment in time, an album with no beginning and no end, a work that folds back in on itself, bringing something new to the surface with each listen. Though that being said, these aren’t dark waters, more the joyous revelation of being connected to everything everywhere.

    With Pete Kember [late of Spacemen 3], Dean Wareham [late of Galaxie 500 and Luna], and Britta Phillips [of Luna], along with Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden [of MGMT], Cheval Sombre unwinds an enchanting droning episodic adventure of intense rapture and patience … one that will enchant and delight through a wanderlust of infatuation.

  2. I’ve had the 7″ for some time now … the B-Side cover of The Stones’ song “As Tears Go By” is more haunting and mysterious than anything Brian Jones could have ever envisioned it being … and back in the mid 60’s I never thought I’d ever hear anything more beautiful. I think Chris may have just channeled the soundtrack of my dreams.

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