Happy 50th birthday The Rolling Stones

I know… it was yesterday but I got caught up in other stuff so, here, a day late…

The best line-up of The Rolling Stones

Here’s Luna’s cover of Waiting on a Friend originally released by The Rolling Stones on what is maybe their last mostly listenable album Tattoo You – well I bought the next one Undercover and it was awful and never bought another so I guess I don’t really know for sure, although Dean agrees (see below).)

Here’s the Stones original.

Here’s Dean being interviewed by Splendid…

Splendid: The Rolling Stones, for instance.
Dean Wareham: Well, they made at least nine good records… but they haven’t made a good record since…
Splendid: 1982?
Dean Wareham: Yeah. So twenty years of making sucky records.
Splendid: And perhaps they’re entitled to some of that, but it’s still not fair to the rest of us.
Dean Wareham: Hopefully we can age gracefully.

Here’s Damon & Naomi performing a cover of Shine a Light originally released on the excellent Exile on Main Street)

MP3: Damon & Naomi – Shine a Light (Rolling Stones cover recorded for Xfm 11th may 2011) (via Box.net)
Have a listen to The Rolling Stones original.

3 thoughts on “Happy 50th birthday The Rolling Stones”

  1. The Stones’ peak was definitely the Seventies, but even though none of the later albums were as consistent or solid as Exile or Some Girls, each one had some standout tracks. And with the exception of a couple of duds, A Bigger Bang was pretty great. It might be worth revisiting (or just visiting, I guess) some of the later works.

    1. Hi Jason, thanks for this – I know it’s irrational to dismiss everything after Tattoo You… consider me castigated and will check out some of the Stones post-Undercover!

      1. Ha ha! Castigation was certainly not my intent! And I’ll cop to being a bit of a Stones apologist. They built up a whole lot of goodwill with me for Exile, Some Girls, Sticky Fingers, Beggars Banquet…

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