Audio: Lost tracks – Luna’s Rollercoaster

Nathan's Famous Franks, We're Still HERE BROOKLYN!!!!!!!!!!!
Nathan's hot dogs, on the boardwalk

I generally can’t find fault with anything that Dean has ever done, things generally fall into two categories ‘great’ and ‘better than great’ – it’s not a lack of objectivity it’s simply the way it is – the man can pretty much do no wrong.

Rollercoaster is one of my Dean Wareham blind spots… because for me it falls all on its own into the ‘just ok’ category. It turned up as one of the tracks on the Slide and Smile EPs, but it’s not on Best Of and has never (to my knowledge) been trotted out live, so I take that as the band’s implicit agreement with me.

On the Galaxie 500 Mailing List over the years I’d take the occasional pop at it, occasionally someone would spring to defend it, like Paul in 2000…

No! It’s fantastic. It rocks, it has silly lyrics. What more could you ask for from a Luna song?

…but mostly not.

Seven years ago Marc wrote to me correcting the lyrics of Rollercoaster pointing out that it makes reference to “Nathan’s hot dogs, on the boardwalk” … rather rudely as far as I can tell I neither corrected them in the database or thanked Marc for the correction… I’m responding to that email now (hopefully that seven year old email address is still alive… if not Marc, if you’re out there – thanks and sorry)

Anyway… here’s your chance to pass opinion on one of Luna’s “lost tracks”…

MP3: Luna – Rollercoaster

BTW I’m fairly certain that the line isn’t ‘Stinking drunk just like the pope’ but it’s all I could think of that rhymed with ‘hope’ which I’m fairly sure is right – feel free to correct me!

7 thoughts on “Audio: Lost tracks – Luna’s Rollercoaster”

  1. is the pope a referrence to the pope of greenwich village, or is dean referrencing the billy connolly joke about wakening up with a terrrible hangover after drinking 10 pints of creme de menthe after being told thats what the pope drinks – “no wonder they carry him around in a chair”

  2. This is such a great track. I used to shout this one out during Luna’s encores. Sadly, they never played it when I saw them. Thanks for clearing up the lyrics in regards to Nathan’s hot dogs. “Stinking drunk like the pope” is how I’ve always heard it. Maybe it’s some esoteric Coney Island reference, but probably not.

  3. Maybe Buffalo Boots, The Slow Song or The Creeps for sure but definately not Rollercoaster. I think Dean’s guitar work is superb. Some of their covers just don’t do it for me such as Neon Lights, Waiting on a Friend or Sweet Child of Mine. In terms of their most underrated track, I think Bad Vibe Merchant is the best tune that has never been played and to me that’s a shame.

    1. No! I love Neon Lights – it’s a Luna high-point! My least fave cover is probably Only Women Bleed… while researching this post I also discovered that I had named “Whispers” as another of my least-fave Luna tracks

    1. Ahh it’s not bad… it may even be great – more folk disagree with me than agree including Angel Corpus Christi who wrote

      no way, jose! this is a great track!

      My response to that is probably the truth…

      I’m sure it is! I have a blind spot – I think I just decided way back when that there has to be something Dean’s done that I have to be cool on so that I can prove (pretend) I have objectivity… and Rollercoaster is the unfortunate track that has been chosen!

      I’m ready to concede defeat. Dean can do no wrong!

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