Naomi Yang and her Gibson EB-2DC

Sadly Naomi hasn’t brought her bass over on her last few visits to the UK – and I always got a buzz seeing it – still do – even if it has to be in pictures these days.

It always seemed to me that equipment lists were the best thing about [Guitar Player]! On a practical and aesthetic level, as a musician, your equipment is an important issue to you – your choices define your aesthetic statement. But listing equipment is kind of a macho thing […]

There’s a whole mentality that prevails [at music stores] […] There’s a “who knows more about equipment| game that’s played.

When I went shopping for that bass I had no idea how to play – so I used purely visual criteria. I chose the most beautiful bass in the store […] I was lucky; in choosing one that was unique looking , I also ended up with one that had a very warm, natural, old sound.

Naomi interviewed in Andrea Juno’s mid 90s Angry Women in Rock

There were (at least) two basses – a sunburst one and the cherry red one – here you can see both in action:

Galaxie 500 – When Will You Come Home (1989)

Damon & Naomi – Cruel Queen (2008)


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